Jessica Simpson Week–Tuesday Edition

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this is the only post of the night. And I know what you’re thinking, if this is what you end up getting because of unforeseen circumstances, keep those unforeseen circumstances coming.

BTW, the reason the picture is so big is because Dmorris has bad eyesight. I think you catch my drift.

3 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Week–Tuesday Edition”

  1. KMorris Says:

    He’ll have to read it by braille. Thank goodness for those two reference points.

  2. Steve B Says:

    Okay, soooo why does the “Photo of the Day” widget on the sidebar show a different pictuer? Tease.

    I mean, uh, not that I look at this smut! Pervert! I’m delinking you!

  3. dmorris Says:

    K, you are an incurable smartass!

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