Excellent Blogs I Found On Twitter

Typically, I don’t like adding blogs to the cabinet if they haven’t been around for more than a year. I’m making an exception today and adding Autumn People  immediately. When I say I will be adding Autumn People immediately, I mean the IT team will do it, and seeing as though the wheels of progress grinds slowly in Mitchieville, I suspect Autumn People will be added to cabinet some time in 2011.

Autumn People  is a site that combines good humour and good reasoning. There are plenty of excellent and interesting posts to keep your attention, and I’ll go as far as saying the owner of the site will one day become rich due to a technical glitch on the stock exchange, making his 50,000 shares of AIG skyrocket 2000% over night.

Get your bookmarking fingers ready and head over to Autumn People.  You will be glad you did.

7 Responses to “Excellent Blogs I Found On Twitter”

  1. dmorris Says:

    Oooooooh! I went over to that link and, the site dissed the Messiah!


  2. Steve B Says:

    What sort of subversive site is it? It’s block by my companies fire wall as being suspicious.


  3. The Mayor Says:

    Yes, he’s not a big Obama fan–I suspect his site will be banned more and more as time goes on.

  4. Nicole Says:

    Blocked by a firewall? I feel so loved. Importance far exceeding my worth has been accorded me all in one week. Linked here and blocked by a firewall. I can die fulfilled.

    Hm, I can get to my site (for now), but not to McGoo’s here at work. Though I suspect I know the reason for that…Maybe it is blocking for embedded videos or profanity. I have a few sites I can’t get to from work due to that.

  5. The Mayor Says:

    Same here, Nicole. That’s why Mitchieville uses no profanity, no youtube videos, and never dares to utter anything bad about our liberal masters.

  6. dmorris Says:

    Yes, this site is squeaky clean, in every way possible!

    The Mayor reminds me of a young J.Edgar Hoover, except for the closet gayness, of course.

    Nothing queer about our Mayor!

  7. The Mayor Says:

    What do you mean by *nothing*?

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