John Edward’s Finally Fesses Up

John Edward’s was outed by the National Enquirer last August  for having an affair on his cancer stricken wife. He denied it. After photo proof became available, Edward’s admitted to his wife that he was indeed an adulterer. Since then, it has been bandied about that the bastard child of the whore he was banging was actually his. He denied it. Now, In order to stop his whore lover from going public and admitting that her bastard child is actually John Edward’s bastard child, John decided to fess up to his cancer stricken wife and admit that the bastard child of his whore lover is actually his. This is completely exhausting.

Edwards made the belated admission to his wife in an effort to stop ex-lover  Rielle Hunter from going public, sources told The ENQUIRER.

While Edwards has admitted to having an affair with Rielle, he has shamelessly denied fathering her baby, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. Instead, one of his campaign workers, Andrew Young, claimed to be the dad.

But now, at least in private to his wife, he is finally telling the truth.

It amazes me that of all the major news media in America, it’s the National Enquirer that breaks the John Edwards/bastard child story. Twice. To be fair though, I suppose the major news media are too busy following the breaking story about how Obama’s hair is turning gray.

I suppose the media see this as a non-story because in reality there isn’t much there. An Ex Senator, a man that if a few votes had swung the other way would have been VP of the United States, had an affair and a baby with a woman behind the back of his dying wife and four kids, denied the entire tryst, and paid off a campaign worker to admit it was actually his child and not Edward’s. Yup, nothing to see there folks, move the hell along.

But you know what is news? Obama’s hair may be going gray. Wow!!!!!

8 Responses to “John Edward’s Finally Fesses Up”

  1. cudgel Says:

    Boy, if Cheney had a bastard child the msm would have had a shit hemorrhage for months if not years.

  2. dmorris Says:

    As I pointed out at DMB, the Messiah’s hair is NOT turning gray, it’s the campaign Grecian Formula being allowed to wear off, now that he is God.

  3. dmorris Says:

    And John Edwards should have proudly admitted to fucking that young thing, it’d have won him the dirty old men’s vote, and there’s LOTS of us!

  4. nancy Says:

    If they had just given John a cabinet post this would have all gone away by now.

  5. The Mayor Says:

    I’m surprised The One didn’t make him Secretary of State because of his daliances.

  6. dinosaur Says:

    Best investigative journalism on the planet,

    Tommy lee Jones in
    Men in black

    “Boy, if Cheney had a bastard child the msm would have had a shit hemorrhage for months if not years.”

    but that’s different they hate him Edwards is on their team.

  7. KMorris Says:

    I’d like to see if you could work the word “whore” into that posting a few more times.

  8. dmorris Says:

    K, blog regulations permit no more than five “whores” per post.

    If you ever spot more here, report it to the CRTC, the Mayor will appreciate it.

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