Stacey’s Mom Does NOT Have It Going On

There are Milf’s, and then there are Miltfbtiotdalcsilgtmmbdmess’s (Mothers I’d like to forget because the image of them dancing around like college sluts is literally going to make me barf down my expensive silk shit).

This woman falls into the latter category.

6 Responses to “Stacey’s Mom Does NOT Have It Going On”

  1. Richard Evans Says:

    Ya see! I told you shit like that would happen if you let the maid have a day off! Let this be a lesson…

  2. Carin Says:

    Oh my lord.

    I noticed last time I was in Florida that EVERYONE wears bikinis whether they should or shouldn’t. EVERYONE.

  3. mare Says:

    Please kill me when I’m so drunk I think I look like a hot twenty year old. She appears to have had stomach surgery, that’s always sexy.

  4. dmorris Says:

    Well, since this is “Disgusting People Week”, here at Mitchieville, this fits right in.

    Thank God that woman isn’t anyone I know!

    You can’t be 18 again, repeat…………

  5. Thurston Says:

    What the Hell was that thing?!?!? Damn, no amount of Mescal in the world would..

  6. KMorris Says:

    On ther bright side, if she does that enough maybe it will get her back into shape.

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