Leaderless Resistance

In the realm of politically incorrect thought, there is the essay Leaderless Resistance by Louis Beam. Unfortunately, Mr.Beam is connected with not politically correct groups, and some of his essay introduces some politically incorrect concepts. Nonetheless, if you hold your hands over your eyes (use your invisible sunglasses of white privilege, so to speak) you can extract some rather useful ideas that any political activist can use.

What politically correct person believes in communist infiltration these days, anyway? After all those Hollywood movies showing the tragic victimization of the victims of the Hollywood blacklist, it is hard to accept openly the idea of Communist infiltration. It may have happened in other countries, but in America, the largest threat to Stalin’s vision of utopia, it certainly did not. Take the world famous Warren Kinsella *, self described chum of socialists and admirer of Lenin. As a shot caller for the Liberal party up here in Canada, I am confident that he would tell you that the idea of Communist infiltration is false, and if you come across people saying that Warren is an infiltrator, it would only be in hushed tones. None the less, even if the root cause of Louis Beam’s concerns are false, you do have a few good pointers for concerned citizens wishing to bring about change, diversity, and all those other rich creamy goodnesses.

Pyramids and Cells. Louis Beam divides grassroots organizations into pyramids and cells. The flaw in both organizations is that they are vulnerable to dilution and infiltration.

Dilution. Groups go off message when they become diluted with members who indulge in conspiracy plots, members of poor quality, interactions with the media, and do not cameoflage their true agenda allowing their critics to paint them in unflattering tones. Now a Pyramid organization can easily keep order and purge those members that do not toe the Supreme Leaders message. Cells, likewise, although it is more difficult. These four flaws are the weaknesses introduced into organizations by infiltrators.

Infiltration. A hostile entity seeking to weaken the efforts of a grass roots organization will attempt to encourage the four weaknesses in their opponents. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that an agent provacateur inside the enemies camp can be used to discredit the entire organization. For example, creating a phantom personna to write racist remarks on a targeting organizations website, then taking these remarks as a causus belli, proving that the remarks (which were done clandestinely) are illustrative of the evil, dark (er, white), heteronormative nature of the targeted organization. With guile, you can provide the evidence to have the facts fit your narrative.

Incompetence. Another weakness in organizations is the presence of weaker members. Anyone who has been active knows about this. And, incompetence can be encouraged by an adversary. As well, the infiltrator can also arrange negative press (which, give the impartial, fair, and balanced nature of the main stream media, takes a little effort). Lastly, an infiltrator can determine the real agenda of a cameoflaged organization and compromise and expose the inner workings and agenda of the targeted organization.

You can read Louis Beam’s essay on your own and wrestle with the details of this. Conveniently, Louis offers up a solution: Leaderless Resistance. He points to the committees of correspondence * of the leaders of the American Revolution. Now, we all know that the leaders of the American Revolution were despicable white male racist, sexist, heteronomative meanies, so if you can hold your nose with your left hand, you can pull out the last diamond from Louis’ essay. Simply enough, form cells that do not have any central control or direction. That is to say, you are an Army of One *.

Army of One. Members of the phantom army are like minded. They do not need direction from a higher authority. They respond, react, and are active. They know what to do, follow good examples, and learn from experience and others. They are active. They have the same general outlook, the same philosophy, and similar reactions.

We can only hope that Louis Beam recants his heresy and comes into the collectivist light, realizing that all white people are racists, that the gap between rich and poor can only be addressed through the elimination of wealth, and that ability, having a job, and being heteronormative is bad.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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  1. dmorris Says:

    There was not only Soviet Communist infiltration of the US and Canada, in this Country, it was highly successful, with unions and universities becoming breeding grounds for today’s fat cat latte communists, who run many of the labour unions, and most of the Canadian universities.

    We are a socialist nation, the CSSR, and we’re just waiting for the day we finally elect a majority government in Ottawa to finalize the agenda.

    With the leadership and moral direction coming from Down South, it shouldn’t take too long.

    Good post, Comrade Fenris.

  2. Rocky Says:

    Too much Latin, not enough French. I fine you a million global-dollars.

  3. Steynian 340 « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    [...] FENRIS BADWULF– “Leaderless Resistance” …. [...]

  4. Mitchieville » Blog Archive » Revisiting Leaderless Resistance Says:

    [...] Leaderless Resistance is a controversial concept. The man who described it, Louis Beam *, is an evil white man. Most groups who have used it for resistance are cutie pie leftist organizations, as the wikipedia article mentions * (because, as every comrade knows, enviro terrorism is neither hate nor terror). You can read Louis’ essay yourself. And when you do, you will learn that the lone wolf activist figures things out for himself. So you will not find Fenris Badwulf telling you how to make an atomic bomb out of a smoke detector * * . Instead, I want to talk about the great Pyramid of the Statists. [...]

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