The UN Security Council Kinda Threatens North Korea

Still angry over the April 5 launch of a rocket by North Korea, six United Nation members have agreed to send a UN Security Council statement, condemning North Korea’s actions:

Five permanent council members and Japan agreed on Saturday to the draft statement seen as a compromise between the supporters of tough measures against North Korea and restrained response to the communist regime’s rocket launch.

According to the draft, the UN Security Council condemns the rocket launch by North Korea on April 5, 2009, which is in contravention of Security Council Resolution 1718.

The UN Security Council could vote on the draft statement as early as Monday.

If that doesn’t put Kim Jong Il in his place, I can’t see what would.

The amazing part of the UN Security Council statement is that the actual statement  is a compromise. If the article is correct, there were a few of the six members that wanted to do something tougher-like maybe adding a few stronger words in the statement, while other UN Council members thought a tougher note was too, well, tough. So, they met day and night for a week and decided they would cut a compromise and send Kim Jong Il a note that was tough, yet not too tough. Something that was strongly worded, but not too strongly worded. Something that was to the point, yet nuanced enough that Jong Il wouldn’t get too upset and respond with his own *tough but fair* note.

At this point of the game, I think it would make more sense if the UN Security Council members and Jong Il open a Twitter account and IM each other until this thing is resolved. At least it would save on postage. And, when and if Jong Il gets tired of the lame UN threats, if he actually ever receives any, he can just unfollow the dickless UN wonders and move on to updating his super cool Facebook page. I hear he has over 300 friends. Wicked.

4 Responses to “The UN Security Council Kinda Threatens North Korea”

  1. RiverRat Says:

    We need to turn loose 3 Navy Seal snipers in that fucking room.

  2. Professor Bob Says:

    I keep thinking that dead leader, no policy; dead generals, no orders; dead scientists, no missles.They wouldn’t hesitate if they could do in President Obama. But then the US would be assasins, as if they arn’t already.
    Prof Bob

  3. dmorris Says:

    I think that you should send the dear leader a letter of censure on behalf of all Mitchievillians,Mayor.

    You never know, Kim may take it more seriously than he does the clowns at the UN.

  4. The Mayor Says:

    I should do it, it’s not like i don’t have time…now that Hope has left me.

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