Come Get Your Free KFC Chicken

I know it’s a little late in the evening, but if you get a hankering for some FREE chicken, you can head over to KFC and pick up a piece of their new grilled bird. In This Economy explains:

KFC is introducing grilled chicken (KGC?) at the end of this month and to celebrate this momentous occasion they are going to be giving away a free piece of this new fowl to their customers on April 27th.

Go here to see the details. And to marvel at just how bad their whole “people dancing because they just really fucking love chicken” concept is. Just click it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

This might just be available to our American friends, and I’m sure I could have found out easily enough if it’s available elsewhere, but truth be told, I’m slightly tired, lazy, and look at that, I have managed to insert six commas into one sentence. It’s not a record, but it’s pretty effin’ good.

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  1. Chris Says:

    Yeah, it might be free, but the greasy, heart-attack-inducing, relentlessly delicious fried skin is what makes the chicken so tasty.

    Too bad they have to cook it in vegetable oil instead of beef fat or bacon grease.

  2. The Mayor Says:

    More Bean Medley?

  3. Rocky Says:

    Everyone knows that Popeye’s makes the best chicken. Spicy, crisp, and that dirty rice is just the best. I don’t think KFC makes buttermilk biscuits anymore but they are just gorgeous at Popeye’s.

  4. RiverRat Says:

    Rockey’s right and even Church’s chicken is better than KFC.

  5. dmorris Says:

    Yep, six commas is pretty damned good!

    The real tragedy here is my not reading this post until April 28, and thus missing out on a chance to go to the local outlet here in Kelowna, to be told,”Free chicken!that’s an American concept”!

    But I enjoy a good and righteous argument, and sadly,have missed this opportunity.

    Mayor, in future, could you outline important posts in red or some such highly visible colour?

  6. drocolate Says:

    Someone from the ITE offices went to KFC yesterday to check out the free chicken promotion and said it was a complete nightmare. They said there were lines around the block, the drive-thru was absolute chaos and then, to top it all off, they ran out of chicken.

    There was a 15 minute wait while KFC employees diligently painted on new grill lines in the back.

    It was almost like this:

    Seriously, if you didn’t make it out you didn’t miss much.

    Thanks for checking out ITE! Keep up the good work!

  7. The Mayor Says:

    Drocolate–you have one of the best sites on the interwebs, I truly love it.

    Funnily enough, I saw that clip through your Twitter page, and am going to post it up tonight.

    You do good shit.

  8. Sid Samant Says:

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