Hope & Changes (Without The Condescension)


It’s time to update your old, crusty bookmark section again, for there have been a few changes in Mitchieville.

Keiser has left Blogger for a fresh, new start on Wordpress. The Lair can now be found right about here. The new Lair looks more Keiserish. Meaning, it’s bright, inviting, and has 23% more insanity. Meaning, Keiser has now achieved full 100% insanity.

Our favourite myth buster, The Daily Bayonette, has also taken his act over to Wordpress. The Daily Bayonette, as you are well aware, is The Mayor’s favourite spot to find information debunking AGW and all things related to the hysteria over the false science. TDB has a beautiful site, and if he didn’t put his blogroll in alphabetical order, I would bet your life that Mitchieville would be in the #1 spot.

Lastly, but not leastly, The Mayor (and that’s me, I’m speaking in the third person) has been spending a portion of each and every day over at I Hate The Media. And while I do indeed hate the media, I happen to really dig the  I Hate The Media website.

And it’s posts like thisthat makes The Mayor (I’m still talking in the third person) keep going back for more. Imagine, Obama asks for some Dijon mustard–that is some of the funniest crapola I have ever heard in my life. “Sorry, Your Highness, we’ze only gots Frenchs’.”

Bookmark and or re-bookmark these three sites. It’s the closest thing to an order that I’m comfortable giving. Oh, BTW, you got a spicy mustard or something like that?


2 Responses to “Hope & Changes (Without The Condescension)”

  1. Godless Commie Says:

    Dijon mustard? I would have thought The Messiah might prefer Grey Poupon.

    Poupon. As in “I Poupon everything that’s great about my country.” Which would finally clarify just what the prick stands for ….

  2. The Mayor Says:


    I’m surprised he didn’t order arugula on his cheeseburger.

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