Festival Week


The Testicle Festival isn’t what you think it is. Unless you think that…

Around 6,500 people are expected to attend the 27th annual Testicle Festival at Rock Creek Lodge in Montana. It’s a strictly adults-only affair, as although the festivities revolve around the theme of eating bull’s testicles, or ‘Rocky Mountain Oysters’, visitors should expect oil wrestling, wet t-shirt competitions and lots of public nudity; ‘No Panty Wednesday’ sees punters offered a free drink in exchange for their underwear.

I went to a nursery in Mitchieville yesterday to buy some ground cover and a few different types of hostas for the backyard and some daisies and various other flowers for the front yard flower bed. The flowers and plants were all in terrific shape and should make a great addition to the various flower beds we have around The Manor. The prices were great, too. A pot of purple daisies–beautiful, rich flowers–were only $5.99 compared to 12.99 at Sheridan Nurseries. That’s a real bargain.

What does my commentary have to do with this festival? Nothing. The festival is about bull testicles, and I’m a prude and refuse to talk about something so disgusting. Flowers though, now that’s something to talk about.

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  1. Larry Says:

    Wouldn’t The Manor look nice with a large penis shaped flower bed on the front yard? Just askin’.

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