Hayden Panettiere & Her Crappy Tattoo


As you know, The Mayor has always had a tremendous affinity for trolls. That’s why when I found out from smh.com  that Hayden Panettiere’s tattoo is spelled incorrectly, my eyes became moist with water droplets and my chest began to hurt–it was like small Irish people were River-dancing on my heart:

Panettiere, 19, got inked late last year but it was not until she lay out on the yacht that we could read the elaborate script. Vivere senza rimipianti, it reads, with an extra ‘i’ in rimpianti. The phrase is Italian for “live without regret”, but one cannot help imagining she would be feeliing a liittle of the stuuff.

In a way, this brings Hayden and I even closer together, as now we even have more things in common. You see, I also have a mis-spelled tattoo on my left flank. I got inked last year and asked the inkster to put “Live for the Day” on my most-masculine body. Instead, he put “Live for the Gay”.

Embarrassing? Maybe a little. But no more embarrassing than these awkward breast implants I had installed last year. I asked for a pair of 34b and they gave me 36a. I look like a total freak now!

5 Responses to “Hayden Panettiere & Her Crappy Tattoo”

  1. dmorris Says:

    “But no more embarrassing than these awkward breat implants I had installed last year.”

    “S”. There, fixed that!

    Know how you feel Mayor. When I had that done, the job was so spectacular,almost went broke admiring those mothers in the full-length mirror I foolishly installed in the bedroom.

    Now, I’m flat, and flush! ;-)

  2. N.O'Really Says:

    Same tattoo, translated?


  3. Dr. Dave Says:

    You should have also posted this under Mayorweirdo. Thanks for your instructive story. Now I’ll NEVER get a tatoo.

    Hey, btw…are you breastfeeding yet?

  4. emptyaddy Says:

    i love the emerging trend of full-text paragraphs along the sides of torsos. human pdf starlets who wish they were born poor in another country.

  5. The Mayor Says:

    Same here, Empty. It can only lead to more embarrassing situations in hollyweirdo land. And I am ALL for that.

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