Sexy Mama Heads of State — Sunday Edition


Name: Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner
Country: Argentina
Age 56

What do you think, boys? A woman who is well educated, a devoted wife and mother, elected to the presidency of Argentina, and still manages to maintain the hot. Although referred to as this century’s Eva Peron, mainly because of her ascendancy after her husband’s election, but she was elected and is the first woman elected to President in her nation’s history. She was also a Senator from Buenos Aires Province, proving her political mettle before assuming her executive role. She once told author Olga Wornat that “the idea that if you are attractive you have to prove that you are intelligent always irritated me.”

Although in favour of tighter government controls and maintaining friendly relations with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, she dazzles us with her feminine charm and Latina exoticness. Que calor!

The men of Mitchieville salute you, Ms. Fernandez!

10 Responses to “Sexy Mama Heads of State — Sunday Edition”

  1. KMorris Says:

    A most auspicious start to the new series,Rocky! Congratulations!

    I would have done this series myself, but the Mayor disagreed with my contention that Bella Abzug is the hottest of the HOT!

  2. dmorris Says:

    btw, that post should be Dmorris, my daughter’s been posting on my computer again!

  3. Richard Evans Says:

    I’m sorry but a commie bitch is still a commie bitch no matter how hot she is physically… This particular commie bitch doesn’t deserve a salute in any way, shape or form…

  4. Rocky Says:

    Yeah, only we’re bring totally superficial here, Richard. Whether we like her policies or not, she still brings the sexy to the party.

    We’re only into Sunday, D, so we’ll see how it goes. The ladies from all over the world might surprise you. Plus I don’t think Abzug was the head of state anywhere, so she’s technically disqualified. We’ll go with that for the reason.

  5. cudgel Says:

    I wanna see her “just below the fold”…Richard?

  6. dmorris Says:

    Yeah,true, Bella was no world leader. So far, so good.

    Rocky’s right,this is superficiality, politics don’t enter into it, as they say,so unless he posts Eva Braun, as spouse of a Leader,or, worse yet, Kim Campbell, I have no complaints.

    This is a welcome Sunday D-O-M feature. Next up,???

  7. dmorris Says:

    Just searched female world leaders, and the pickin’s are slim, mighty slim. Apart from Cristina, there ain’t much for a D.O.M. to choose from in world leaders. The Prez of the Phillipines ain’t bad, Ireland’s ok, Finland is frightening, Mozambique…uh-uh,Chile…ok,Merkel has cleavage, India’s a no-go, same with Haiti and Bangla Desh. Is Rona Ambrose President of Albera or anything?

    Too damned bad Hillary Clinton didn’t win the Prez’s job, at least you’d have a world leader in the “Ass as big as Oprah Winfrey’s” category.

    I think this is destined to be a short feature, unless the voters of the world smarten up and elect some hotties.

    President Jessica Simpson….. Yeah, I could live with that, although she doesn’t have the current incumbent’s gift for oratory.

    Good luck, Rocky.

  8. Rocky Says:

    D, have some faith your old pal Rocky. I’m the master of research. ;) There’s over 190 countries out there, as well as several tiny principalities and city-states that have potential. I wouldn’t volunteer for such a task without a few aces up my sleeve.

  9. dmorris Says:


    I have great faith in you, and anticipate the next post!

  10. The Mayor Says:

    I dig her stubby, piggly-like fingers.

    I have faith in you too, Rocky–but I agree with Dmorris–the pickin’s are slim.

    Good luck!

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