Sexy Mama Heads of State — Monday Edition


Name: Yulia Volodymyrivna Tymoshenko
Country: Ukraine
Age: 48

Not only did she courageously battle against a corrupted President Leonid Kuchma, risk arrest by the Russians, and likely will still face similar threats on her life from within such as those seen by Viktor Yushchenko, who was confirmed poisoned by British doctors, but she rocks that braid like nobody’s business.

Tymoshenko won a landslide 92.3% in her parliamentary riding when she first came onto the scene in 1996. As a result of Yushchenko’s poisoning, she was appointed interim Prime Minister of Ukraine, and won on a coalition agreement in 2006 to retain power. She maintained this coalition well into 2008 and is still the prime minister, despite a shaky alliance between her fellow parliamentarians.

Okay, so technically as Prime Minister, she’s not a head of state. Still, with her savoir faire for economics and her political dealmaking, we’re willing to make an exception. And yes, the braid is real.

10 Responses to “Sexy Mama Heads of State — Monday Edition”

  1. Andy Says:

    Dang, Dmorris! Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

  2. Go_Fish Says:

    That’s cause she’s packin a 9mm in that hair.

  3. The Mayor Says:

    Isn’t that Princess Leia?

  4. dmorris Says:

    She looks WAY better than Princess Leia!

    Good work,Rocky!

  5. dmorris Says:

    Hm. Next election, we have to talk.

    Think “Rockyville!.

  6. Andy Says:

    Sorry Rocky. I’m not familiar with all the residents of Mitcheville, and gave dmorris your props…Please forgive.

  7. The Mayor Says:

    Andy–I’m sorry to say, but you fit in rather nicely with this group.

    May the Lord have mercy on yer soul…

    And BTW–I blogrolled your site and will give you a proper shout-out this week. I really enjoy your ramblings.

  8. Rocky Says:

    No sweat, Andy. I had a peruse of your blog myself, and you do a decent job. Keep up the excellent work.

    Tsk, dmorris, I have no such aspirations. Besides, you know The Mayor would smoosh me with his iron fist and make an example of me.

  9. dmorris Says:

    Say, just cruised over to Andy’s. You have to like a guy with a Winchester and a horned lab!

    Welcome to Mitchieville Andy.

    And Rocky, don’t let this get around, but the Mayor’s softened up quite a bit since the nuptials, child,and attendant responsibility.

    When Count Iggy calls it, we’ll talk.

    Keep it under your hat.

  10. Woody Says:

    Wow. She really is gorgeous isn’t she? Cool idea for a series of posts. Looking forward to seeing more of them. Added you to my blogroll.

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