Sexy Mama Heads of State — Tuesday Edition


Name: Doris Leuthard
Country: Switzerland
Age: 46

Leave it to the Swiss. Apparently Ms. Leuthard has to share her executive power with six other people! Keeping up with the fractured nature of Switzerland (i.e. West Yugoslavia), she is also a German speaker. The nation has four official languages (Italian, French, German, and Romansh). She also has a birthday a mere ten days apart from Adolf Hitler. Why am I even bringing this up? Just forget you read that.

She is a member of the Christian Democrat party in her country, and has been in politics for twelve years. She has her law degree and is married to Roland Hausin, and according to her parliamentary website bio they have a great sex life. She loves to tend the vegetable garden in her prime estate, like most lawyers do, and so was a natural choice to head up the entire Swiss Department of Agriculture. She hopes one day to form more consensus with Switzerland and other nations, which one would only expect from a country that has proclaimed itself neutral since its inception.

There was no missing this Swiss Miss! We at Mitchieville salute you, Ms. Leuthard!

15 Responses to “Sexy Mama Heads of State — Tuesday Edition”

  1. dmorris Says:

    We certainly do! Once again, good show, Rocky!

  2. Go_Fish Says:

    …The nation has four official languages (Italian, French, German, and Romansh)…

    What, no Austrian? Somebody better tell Pres Urkel.

  3. Rocky Says:

    Nice one, Go_Fish! We should trick him into talking about the Swiss language, too.

  4. Andy Says:

    Rocky, you are FAR EXCEEDING my expectations!!! I bow to you, Sir…

    She certainly looks like a farmer to me…or at least a “Farmer’s Daughter.”

  5. Rocky Says:

    I had to admit, even I was sure that this might be a challenging undertaking when I first started it, because I had only known about Tymoshenko and a few others I might post later on if I don’t get any better discoveries than the ones I have now.

    Political hotties. Who would have thought, huh?

  6. dmorris Says:

    Yeah, and we’re stuck with political uglies, Harper,Iggy,Gilles and Jack!

    Well, at least some of the backbenchers are hot.

  7. Rocky Says:

    Rona Ambrose, Belinda Stronach, Josee Beaudin, Niki Ashton, Siohan Coady…we have a bunch of hot MPs.

  8. dmorris Says:

    Maybe you can segue into a “Hot MP’s” series when you’re done this one.

    Oh, and don’t forget about Ruby Dhalla, in the “Too hot to handle” category.

  9. Rocky Says:

    Oh, she’s going to look so sexy in handcuffs.

  10. dmorris Says:

    Fantasies are a’whirlin’ in the old cranium !

  11. cudgel Says:

    Sure, those are all hot politicos but for me I’d like to put Elizabeth May on my plate…rub a bit of lipstick on her, take off those windshields, hook-up a logging chain around her guns and viola!…one hot honey…how’s that fantasy now dmorris?

  12. dmorris Says:

    I MAY never recover! ;-)

  13. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Lizzy May;
    I wouldn’t.


  14. Reg Says:

    Ruby in handcuffs – can I be the arresting officer?

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