The true legacy of Muslim nations


President Barack HusseinObama (the election’s over, so it’s okay to point it out now) has bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia once again:

“And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world,” Mr. Obama said. “And so there’s got to be a better dialogue and a better understanding between the two peoples.”

According to the Association of Religion Data Archives, the population of Muslims in the United States is 1.58% of the total population as of 2006. That would mean 4.75 million Muslims. Let’s compare that to a nation like France, with a percentage of 8.31%. Based on its population total, that means 5.29 million Muslims in France as of 2006. Germany is at 4.45%, or a total of 3.67 million. The United Kingdom is a mere 2.56%, for a total of 1.56 million.

The population of Muslims in the four countries listed above is somewhat similar, but here’s the kicker–the United States has a population bigger than the other three countries combined. So in any meaningful sense, the United States would not even come close to being called one of the largest Muslim countries at all. If you actually took the number of Muslims and did what, Mr. President?

This ARDA website is great because it also shows other indicators of religion beside the basic demographic breakdown–it also expresses the amount of religious freedom in each nation, which is expressed in terms of GRI (Government Regulation of Religion Index), ranging from 0 (absolute freedom) to 10 (complete state control over religion). All of a sudden, a pattern starts to emerge. Note the nation, the GRI, and the percentage of Muslims in each nation:

Afghanistan          5.3             99.72

Yemen                    6.1              99.08

Iran                          9.2              98.65

Somalia                   7.8             98.49

Jordan                     8.6             93.45

Saudi Arabia       10.0            92.85

Kuwait                      8.1            86.07

Israeli-occupied territories (Palestine)      5.6        80.26

Sudan                        8.6            71.25

Lebanon                   6.9           59.28

Israel                         5.3           19.33

France                       3.1              8.31

Netherlands            0.0             6.15

Germany                   2.2             4.45

Switzerland             0.6              3.91

United Kingdom    2.2              2.56

Italy                            1.4              2.45

Canada                      0.8              1.69

United States          0.8              1.58

Mexico                      3.1              0.20

Japan                         0.0             (0.0) (2.61% listed as “other”)

“I think the most important thing I want to tell young people is that, regardless of your faith, those who build as opposed to those who destroy I think leave a lasting legacy, not only for themselves but also for their nations,” Mr. Obama said.

Religious control is the legacy of Muslim nations–not counting the USA, of course. As you can see, the higher percentage of Muslims in a country, the less likely it is that there will be religious freedom. The president also said we “have to educate ourselves more effectively on Islam.” You have the statistics on hand, Mr. President. Start educating the American people about the Muslim world on “what’s happened in Iraq and Afghanistan” and why it might have to happen again in the future.

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  1. dmorris Says:

    President Barack Harvey Obama believes he can appeal to Islam’s reasonable side by making them see that we’re all just the same, except for the fact that our infidelism condemns us to purgatory.

    Neville Chamberlain attempted the same thing and had “peace in our time”. Unfortunately the “Time” only lasted from Sept.28 1938 to Sept 3, 1939. Chamberlain did the decent thing by dying in December 1940.

    Fortunately for us all, Obama is much more charismatic than Chamberlain, who looked like the prototypical British Upper Class Twit. Obama’s willingness to kiss whatever ass it takes to promote P.I.O.T. should serve us well, until the day comes when some lunatic Leader perceives his actions as weak.

    Fortunately, again, the world at this moment in history is lead by the most reasonable and enlightened politicians ever, as are the teeming masses they lead.

    In the unlikely event an uncivilized person does manage to slip past the keen-eyed scrutiny of the sophisticated electorate in his Country, the UN will be there to deal with him firmly and decisively!

    This is it, folks! NO MORE WAR! What eleven former Presidents couldn’t do in sixty years, Obama has accomplished in just over 100 days!

    There’s just been a message from Obama’s distant relative, Osama, that he’s disappointed in the new Prez’s policy in Pakistan. Says it will lead to more violence,something, I assume,which is abhorrent to Osama.

    Osama, Obama, after you say it a few times, it begins to sound like that old song by Shirley Ellis.

    Sing it loud,Prez.,and the world will hum along, even if we can’t remember the words.

    Obama,bama, po-pama, me mi mo mama, Obama!

  2. nancy Says:

    What leverage does he have? America is broke…he’s advocating fossil fuel independence…the only thing left in his bag,that could be of interest, is that he can help destroy Israel.
    no….couldn’t be..could it (?)

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