Katie Couric Hates Conservatives–Everyone Hates Katie Couric


Katie Couric –seen here describing how many viewers CBS *News* still has– was speaking at Princeton’s “Class Day” yesterday, when she gave the graduating class some advice on tolerance:

She then advised the Princeton grads that they must guard against “nastiness.”

“Next, don’t be a hater,” said Couric. ”Princeton has taught you to think critically, to approach things with a healthy dose of skepticism … and that’s a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say. But you really must guard against the cynicism and nastiness that are so pervasive today.

Fantastic advise, if I do say so myself. And what better way to lead than by one’s own words:

As she started her address to the Class of 2009, Couric told the students, “Coming here was a real no brainer! After all, I can see New Jersey from my house!”

Like the many fakes and frauds before her, Couric had no problem emulating past CBS news anchors with an innacurate quote:

The anchor was referring to an interview Palin gave to ABC News during last year’s presidential campaign, in which Palin had said of Russia, “They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”

Couric was just warming up, of course, more venom soon spewed towards other true Conservatives:

Couric also took a swipe at traditional-marriage-defending Miss California Carrie Prejean in the same passage that she praised Judge Sotomayor and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Couric also took swipes at conservatives Rush Limbaugh, the talk radio host, and Donald Rumsfeld, the former secretary of defense.

And in other non-related Katie Couric news today, the evening news ratings came out, and guess what…

And with an average of 5.18M Total Viewers, the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric had its lowest viewership yet. In fact, it’s the lowest viewership since at least the 1991/92 season, as far back as Nielsen records track.

Oh look, Katie Couric can see the unemployment line from her bedroom window.

I suppose Katie can look at it this way: She hasn’t lost millions of viewers, she’s saved or created tens of thousands of viewers.

Somehow, and I’m not sure how, Couric has turned into a bigger embarrassment than Dan Rather.


8 Responses to “Katie Couric Hates Conservatives–Everyone Hates Katie Couric”

  1. mare Says:

    This is a woman who cannot even apply mascara correctly. What the hell do we care what she says about topics she knows NOTHING about. She is what I would typically call a “dumb bitch.”

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  2. mare Says:

    Proof of mascara misuse (one of many):


  3. cudgel Says:

    I’d rather walk through a furnace in a gasoline suit than watch Couric read the news.

  4. Rocky Says:

    “She hasn’t lost millions of viewers, she’s saved or created tens of thousands of viewers.” Love it.

    Two other things to note: a Princeton education makes you so verbose that you actually use words like “hater” in a commencement speech. Also, if Sarah Palin had to spend five months in a federal prison, like Martha Stewart did, I’m pretty sure it would have warranted a better quote than “it’s a good thing.” But then again, Stewart donates to the right political party.

  5. Chris Says:

    Katie Couric’s audience hasn’t gotten smaller, it’s gotten more selective.

    /loves Spinal Tap

  6. Andy Says:

    Mr. Mayor, the funniest thing I’ve read on the net this morning: To save money, CBS will have Katie Couric call each viewer and read the news over the phone.

  7. Go_Fish Says:

    About the only thing that could possibly draw fewer viewers would be a sex tape of her and Olbermann.

  8. Mr Fnortner Says:

    When you force anything for other than market reasons: Katie Couric, interest rates, GM automobiles under Obama, subprime mortgage loans, and so forth, you are going to get disasters. Misallocated resources, unsustainable bubbles, a ruined economy, or a public laughingstock are all possible outcomes.

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