John Baird Doesn’t Want To Invest In Tolerance & Diversity


Frustrated that Toronto City officials couldn’t fill out a few forms properly that would ensure the city would get federal stimulus monies, federal Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Minister John Baird, lashed out at those Toronto City officials last Monday:

“Twenty-seven hundred people got it right. They didn’t. That is not a partnership and they’re bitching at us,” Baird said.

“They should f– off.”

Baird had since apologized.

To be fair to the folks at Toronto City Council, the person that was chosen to fill out the application for the federal monies was probably picked by a diversity coach trying to level the employment playing field. Although said persons skill-set doesn’t include speaking or writing English, it does include a medley of proficiencies when applied to gay/lesbian/transgendered workshops.

3 Responses to “John Baird Doesn’t Want To Invest In Tolerance & Diversity”

  1. Mikey Says:

    I couldn’t believe the fuss over this. “John Baird wants everybody in Toronto to fuck off!!!!!”

    What a load of crap. John Baird wants the useless members of David Miller’s commune – I mean city council – and their incompetent bureaucracy to fuck off, and it’s hard to think he’s wrong!

  2. Professor Bob Says:

    Those idiots down at City Hall are so busy playing,
    “Mine is bigger than yours,”
    that they don’t read the instructions, ever. I’ve done work for the City, and was stunned by the lack of responsibility.
    Prof Bob

  3. Steynian 363 « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    [...] JOHN BAIRD Doesn’t Want To Invest In Tolerance & Diversity …. [...]

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