Recipient of Six Hymenoplasty Operations In Internsive Care


This should warm the cockles of your heart:

A Russian woman ended up in intensive care after restoring her virginity for the sixth time.

The woman, identified as Natalia K., got married at 24. Her husband was not the girl’s first sexual partner, writes.

When the husband confessed he was upset about her losing her virginity before the wedding and with another man, Natalia decided to make things up for him.

To celebrate their first year together as a married couple, she went to a plastic surgery clinic and had a hymenoplasty operation.

The husband was so delighted with the present, that a year later Natalia wanted to give that joy to him again. And the next year, and the year after that.

The sixth time the woman came for revirgination surgery, the doctors warned her it posed dangers for her health. Nevertheless, Natalia signed a waiver of all claims and had the surgery done.

But the doctors’ fears turned out to be justified. The woman’s weakened immune system failed to fight an unspecified minor infection she caught after the surgery, and landed her in intensive care.

And to think I was really pleased when I received a tie for my birthday last year. On the bright side though, at least TLDG will be ALIVE for my next one.

I understand what a hymenoplasty is (or at least I say  I understand what it is when in fact I’m actually not sure), but if a person loses their virginity and then gets one of these hymenoplasty’s, it only technically makes them a virgin, it’s not like they can claim actual virgin status again, oui? I mean, if you’re a whore and you’ve seen more meat than Rosanne Barr’s freezer, just because you have an operation doesn’t reverse the fact that you’re a whore, right? That’s what I thought, once a whore…

So what buddy really got was a non-virgin who had an invasive surgery fetish. Wow, what a lucky man, he should have been like me and got really excited when his wife got him a tie.

See how I brought that whole tie thing around? Pretty impressive, eh?

3 Responses to “Recipient of Six Hymenoplasty Operations In Internsive Care”

  1. Two Dogs Says:

    And wedding week continues…..getting weird, though.

  2. nancy Says:

    Uh, this story is the pits.

  3. Andy Says:

    Man…I hope she recovers in the ICU. If she doesn’t make it, that would be a tough one to ’splain to the grandkids one day…

    …and to the second wife BTW.

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