Canterbury Is Sufficiently Gay


After an investigation that cost thousands and thousands of dollars, it has been declared that the town of Canterbury in England is *sufficiently gay*

The two-month investigation began at the end of April after a letter was sent from two representatives of Pride in Canterbury.

Chairman Andrew Brettell lodged a formal complaint with the Local Government Ombudsman claiming his initial letter to the council in November fell on deaf ears.

Mr Brettell, in his 60s, said last month: “” We do not believe the council want a thriving LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community in our city. The impression I get is that the council just doesn’t want to know.

As part of the investigation, the council had to prove its inclusiveness by giving details of “touring plays and musicals, for example, which would be of interest to the LGBT community”.

And it had to show that it had “put forward suggestions for small events that it might help fund, as well as proposals for other events such as exhibitions”.

Rob Davies, spokesman for the council, said: “Obviously we’re delighted with the outcome of the investigation.

In the never-ending quest for equality, to be treated exactly the same as all other citizens of society, members of a homosexual group lodge a formal complaint to council, making them spend thousands and thousands of tax-payer dollars to prove to them that yes, the local government is catering exclusively to them and no-one else through the medium of musicals/plays/etc.

Imagine, some old gay guy gets a bug up his ass because he’s not happy that town council isn’t playing Bette Midler show-tunes through a loudspeaker, or whatever, and the gov’t willingly jumps through hoops to prove that they love homosexuals and would never entertain the thought of disrespecting them in any way.

It always amazes me that gay rights means having extra  rights. And that aint right. Right?

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