When They Were Young


What can I tell you about this young lady? Well, she was born in South Africa and was the first African to win an Oscar in a major acting category. Also,  The Mayor had to be brutally honest with her a few years back when I told her to lose those ridiculous glasses. I couldn’t stand it, I had to dump her. I’m not going to walk around with someone on my arm who’s wearing ridiculous glasses. No way, no how. I told her to ship up or I’m shipping her out on the next tugboat to South Africa.

She eventually did ship up, and now is a pretty successful actress. Am I glad I dumped her when I did? I sure as hell am. She’s a beautiful woman, but I never did get past those stupid looking glasses.

Do you have any idea who this lovely woman with the idiotic glasses is?

12 Responses to “When They Were Young”

  1. Andy Says:

    Charlize Theron

  2. dmorris Says:

    Yeah,it has to be Charlize Theron, only South African I know to win an Oscar, unless Bugs Bunny was South African. Never could place his accent.

    btw,Mayor,she was still pretty hot,even with those dorky glasses,you should have waited ’til she outgrew them. As her other body parts developed,they would have attracted your attention.

    Teenagers are SO cruel.

  3. Andy Says:

    dmorris, I think Bugs was from New Hampshire. Just guessing. And yes, The Mayor definitely jumped the gun on that one.

  4. TC@LeatherPenguin Says:

    “Yeah,it has to be Charlize Theron, only South African I know to win an Oscar, unless Bugs Bunny was South African. Never could place his accent.”

    Bugs is Brooklyn, baby.

  5. TC@LeatherPenguin Says:

    And he hates O’Malley.

  6. Larry Says:

    Looks like Lynda Carter.

  7. Woody Says:

    I think she might even be sexier in that pic. The glasses are cute as hell. Like some chick I’d have hooked up with in high school.

  8. Chris Taylor Says:

    She’s sexy until you see her try to act. Then all of the charm is lost.

    Ever since I saw her in The Astronaut’s Wife, the only thought that she brings to mind is “how is it you continue to get paying work?”

  9. Andy Says:

    I’ll be danged if Larry isn’t right! She does look like Lynda Carter as a teenager…Don’t ask me how I know…

    However, Lynda was not born in South Africa. She was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Her folks took the “wrong turn at Albuquerque.” Don’t ask me how I know…

    Aaaaahhhh…those were good times…

  10. The Mayor Says:

    Was that another Bugs Bunny reference?

    And you’re right Chris, she is a TERRIBLE actress.

  11. Andy Says:

    Mr. Mayor, it was a Bugs Bunny reference. Good catch!

    But it’s also true about Lynda and how her folks made it to Phoenix. Oh man…a hunting we did go!

  12. Arty Says:

    Is it Hairy Potter.

    I’m right aren’t I?

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