Toronto Garbage Strike — The Crisis Continues

As Toronto enters its second week of a garbage strike with no end in sight, residents of the City of Light® are becoming quite restless. The garbage is starting to pile up, rats are starting to breed like tax-spenders hovering over a welfare cheque, and the city is starting to smell worse than it usually does.

Mayor David Miller and his cabal at Toronto City Hall devised a contingency plan last week whereby residents can ship their garbage to one of 19 temporary dumps throughout Toronto. These sites include parks and arenas, and are open 12 hours a day, seven days a week. 


Although there are only a few handfuls of temporary dumping sites available for Toronto residents, a leaked report today found that Toronto City council is considering adding dozens more sites, as garbage is quickly filling up the temporary ones.


Soon, Toronto will have 30, 40 or possibly even more sites where residents can bring their garbage to. More parks, arenas, abandoned warehouses, beaches, rail-cars, and graveyards will become dump sites, to better serve the citizens of Toronto.

But if Toronto is only in their 8th day of a garbage strike and city councilors are considering adding dozens more dump sites to its list, what will Toronto look like if the garbage peoples go on strike for 11 weeks or more like they have in Windsor Ontario?


I’m a pretty optimistic person, but that sure doesn’t look good.

It’s plain to see that if Toronto garbage workers strike for anywhere near 11 weeks, the sun will be blotted out for Toronto residents, there will be a new super-breed of rat-people, and finally the residents of Hamilton will be able to say that there is actually a place in Canada that smells worse than their stinky city.

Hey, Toronto, how do you like the aroma of socialism now? Huh?

13 Responses to “Toronto Garbage Strike — The Crisis Continues”

  1. dmorris Says:

    I am sure Mayor Miller will handle this crisis with the same swift and forthright action that his good friend Premier McGuinty demonstrated in the Caledonia/Native crisis.

  2. cudgel Says:

    This would never happen in mitchieville, by God the Mayor would be out there kicking ass and taking names…i tell you what.

  3. Andy Says:

    Heh! Don’t speak out too strongly about “garbage workers strikes.” Just remember what happened to MLK in Memphis.

  4. finn Says:

    It must suck riding on the TTC with some guy who’s bringing his garbage to one of those sites by bus because he bought into the whole go-green thing and sold his car. I wonder if you have to buy a bus pass for your trash? Probably get the student rate.

  5. The Mayor Says:

    Very true, Andy. Helping out the sewage and transit workers didn’t help MLK, well, live.

  6. Russ Says:

    Just a thought … If Toronto residents are really fed up being held hostage under mounds of garbage, why not simply dump your garbage off in front of those picket lines of striking civil servants? Similarly, why not dump your garbage off at municipal offices, police stations, the mayor’s residence, the residence’s of City councilors, etc.? Wouldn’t that make cleanup easier once the strike is over? (Always think ahead).

    If anything, once opposing sides in this dispute are directly exposed to the rotting refuse they so flagrantly inflict on local citizenry, the smell alone might help remind them that their primary commitment is to the taxpayer.

    Personally, and as a rural resident, I have no great love for the hopelessly gridlocked, multi-confused ‘Big Smoke’ or whatever misery its residents so willfully endure. It could be argued that the smell of rotting garbage is a noticable improvement. It’s all part of the “Manhattanization” experiment you sewer rats were all so fond of.

  7. Cascadian Says:

    Ya know if Harper was more like Obama (dreamy and hopey) this would never happen.

    Of course the North Korea commies would target their nuclear missiles on Toronto but whats the downside of that? Garbage problem (demise of Toronto and 70% of lieberals) solved.

    See Obama think ain’t all bad.

  8. Naughtychimp Says:

    Ah, I love being held hostage by civil servants! It’s dead sexy.

  9. Josephine Says:

    This is great, LMAO!

  10. The Mayor Says:

    Just burn your garbage people, no one will ever know.

  11. Rags Says:

    As many residents of Toronto face the challenges that the current garbage strike has left them, one man has taken a new approach to a solution. Roofer Dave of Toronto has suspended his regular business tasks, and now offers residents a way to get rid of their trash in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Trash is collected for merely five dollars per twenty pound bag and taken to licenced disposal facilities for disposal (NOT THE CITY TEMPORARY DUMP SITES) Dave’s plan is to ease the pain residents are feeling not add to it. According to Roofer Dave, “We are currently working on recycling efforts to divert as much as we can from land fills. We will have more on this as facilities get back to us.” Finding Roofer Dave on his route is easy, simply follow @fivebucksabag on Twitter to see where and when he may be in your neighbourhood or contact him through his web site at

  12. Graham Says:

    I am confused you call the army for snow ? But nothing happens as your city fills with garbage.
    Hello anyone home ? how did the graet plague in europe start.Garbage, Rats, Fleas, Hellloooo.
    Great place to visit, sure am glad I dont live there.


  13. Alex James Says:

    It’s unbelievable out here. I remember the last garbage strike, and I’ll say this much for Mayor Mel — he didn’t put up with that shit for all that long. I’m desperately afraid that we’re going to end up like Windsor. Queen Street already looks like hell on toast, and it’s just going to get worse. I’m trying really hard to see both sides of this argument, but it’s very difficult when I’m making far less than these workers are and not getting anything remotely close to the benefits they are. It’s hard to have sympathy for people who have it so much better and are still complaining, particularly in the economic climate this country is experiencing. Good post — I like the map images, particularly the giant red dot. If it were anywhere else I would probably find it funny.

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