Man Arrested in Illegal Silicone Operation


Donnie Hendrix is in jail again after being caught performing illegal cosmetic surgeries:

PALM COAST, FL — Investigators are looking for people who may have turned to a man in Flagler County for silicone injections.

Donnie Hendrix does not have a license to practice medicine and he’s now in jail, accused of running an illegal home-based operation.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies and the Florida Department of Health arrested Hendrix, also known as “Viva,” Tuesday morning.

Hendrix has been charged with practicing medicine without a license and unlicensed practice of a health care profession.

Deputies had Hendrix’s home under surveillance for the past four months. Someone gave investigators an anonymous tip through Crimestoppers.

The tipster said Hendrix had been offering injections ranging from $400 to $600 per session, and would perform the procedure in his bedroom.

Major David O’Brien with the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division says this is not Hendrix’s first run-in with the law.

He says that in 2003, Hendrix and another man went on trial in Broward County in connection with the 2001 death of a woman from Broward County who underwent treatment and later died.

According to published reports, the woman’s lungs filled with silicone during an injection to enlarge her hips. Hendrix served two years in a state correctional institution after being found guilty of operating without a license and culpable negligence.

People actually get injections to enlarge their hips? Wouldn’t it be cheaper and have more staying power if they just ate McDonald’s every day for three months?

I understand why people get silicone injections: Not everyone is as beautiful as we are, some folks are downright pugly. By why on earth would anyone, just to save a few dollars, go and get illegal injections from someone that looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife?

3 Responses to “Man Arrested in Illegal Silicone Operation”

  1. Godless Commie Says:

    Clearly, that old saying “Physician, heal thyself” does NOT apply here.

    (Looks like he’s tried it already.)

  2. Dr. Dave Says:

    Holy CRAP! Why do I write fiction when shit like THAT really goes on?

  3. TH III Says:

    What the hell is that thing? He/She/It makes Lovie look kind of cute.

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