Gnome Probed Over Nazi Salute


German prosecutors are investigating whether a garden gnome at an art exhibit is flashing the Nazi salute because it’s a Nazi or because it is making fun of Nazis. At least that’s what I think is happening, it’s all very confusing:

“The investigation is ongoing and people are being interviewed,” Wolfgang Traeg, a spokesman for the public prosecutors office in the southern city, told AFP.

Hitler salutes and Nazi symbols have been illegal in Germany since World War II, but Traeg said that investigators may establish that the garden gnome is in fact ridiculing the Third Reich.

“It is also a question of art a bit .. and a garden gnome,” he said. “It will also depend on what the artist and the owners of the gallery have to say for themselves about the whole thing.”

While not every lawn gnome is a Nazi, I’ve been around long enough to know that most are. If prosecutors don’t take the Nazi saluting gnomes off the street immediately, before you know it, goose-stepping lawn jockey’s and heil-hitlering whirligig’s will poison the minds of our youth. Is that a plastic flamingo in the ground or a stormtrooper invading Poland? Are those plastic Madonna’s or the Waffen-SS? Hey, that’s not a yard globe, it’s a rheinbote.

Rid the earth of the Nazi lawn gnome scourge. Do it for the cheeeeeldren.

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  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    This is worse than Lawn Gnomes, Mayor. Those are demonic figurines used to allow evil Nazi souls (the twin souls of the twin souled have to come from somewhere, and with open borders, maybe they are not what it is expected) to possess house cats and drive neighbouring poodles crazy with yapping. Just look at the eyes.

  2. Andy Says:

    Thank you for posting this Mr. Mayor. I shall never book my flights and hotel with Travelocity again. Sure, the little Brit gnome is cute and funny…but now I know it’s all a ruse.

    You know what I prefer in my flower beds? I like those wooden cut-outs that look like Granny’s bending over weeding the beds with her rear end sticking up. Now, that’s class…

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