Beer Belly Week


After Backtit Week and Chicks With Mustaches Week, I thought I’d send one back for the ladies at Mitchieville. And here it is. Breathe it in. Mmmmmmmmm.

Not quite sure if I can top this one, I have a limited amount of pictures of beer bellies. But if you happen to be in possession of a few (and why wouldn’t you?), send them along to The Mayor. I could very easily make you famous.

10 Responses to “Beer Belly Week”

  1. dmorris Says:

    I think you should have warned the ladies of Mitchieville!

    The sight of such rotund and hirsute magnificence night be too much for the dear things!

  2. Steamboat McGoo Says:

    dm is right – that thing is awesome!

    It’s so round and symmetrical…it had to have taken years of painstaking care and attention to build.

  3. Walter Garbotz Says:

    I assume that photo is of Mr. Creosote before he won the lottery.

    P.S. Get a bucket!

  4. mare Says:

    For a split second I thought this was a post of the man who is now a woman who had a baby.

    Secondarily, is it wrong to say this jackass with a disgusting beer belly makes me sick…while I’m buzzed on my third wine?

    (I mean first and only wine)(for health purposes)(you know, for the anti oxidants or some crap like that)

  5. Go_Fish Says:

    That belly’s gravitational field is strong enough to pull the man-boobs into orbit.

  6. Andy Says:

    Go_Fish…I just spewed “Cookies and Cream” ice cream all over my desk. Seriously! Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Quite possibly the funniest comment I have read in my 175 years of surfing the internet.

  7. nancy Says:

    What is the circumference of that thing? holy cow!

  8. dmorris Says:

    Turns ya on, eh,Nancy! I just KNEW it!

  9. nancy Says:

    no, you brat you, hippos are dangerous animals. ;)

  10. Ron Says:

    Is he gonna be the “Octo-Dad”?

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