When They Were Young


Quite a few people were able to determine that the last When They Were Young celebrity was none other than Sharon Stone. While quite a few people guessed Sharon Stone, an equal amount of people let it be known that they couldn’t care less. I like the animosity and the not-care-ism, it’s refreshing in the superficial days we currently find ourselves in.

Having said that, we’re still going to continue this segment, as fresh and unique material is nearly an impossibility for me nowadays. And as much as I dig cut & paste, I have a feeling you will begin to despise me, and say terrible things about me on obscure message boards.

Look at that handsome bastard in the picture, what a good looking young lad. He turned into one of The Mayor’s favourite Hollyweird people. He seems down to earth, a regular guy, a type ‘O fella that I’d like to sit down with, get drunk, and then ignore everything he wanted to tell me. Yes, I realize I’m a dick, thanks for pointing that out.

I’m not going to tell you anything about this guy, I’m just going to let Carin come by in three minutes and correctly identify him.

Carin, will you please step up to the plate…

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  1. mikey Says:

    If that’s not VINCE, from Sham-WOW, I’ll eat my… well, my Sham-WOWs, I guess.

  2. Andy Says:

    Patrick Swayze? Probably not.

  3. RiverRat Says:

    I agree with Andy.

  4. Mack Says:

    Patrick Swayze was my first thought upon seeing the picture.

  5. dinosaur Says:

    I agree with Andy but that’s too easy so I’ll say Jack Nicholson.

  6. Titan Mk6B Says:

    I am going to say Gary Sinise. It’s the eyes.

  7. Jamesy Says:

    Brad Pitt.

  8. Terry Says:

    Patrick Swayze

  9. Andy Says:

    I changed my mind. Gary Coleman. No, really, I did change my mind. Kevin Costner, or that guy from Texas that is a huge UT fan…give me a minute…

    Matthew McConaughey! Probably not.

  10. Andy Says:

    Wait a minute…Dinosaur might be right. The eyes, and the sideways grin…it could certainly be Lieutenant Dan. Or not.

  11. cudgel Says:

    Seeing how the boy has the base for a good looking pompadour, I’m guessing Mr.Conway Twitty(again).

  12. Go_Fish Says:

    I’m definately going with Swayze/Sinise.

  13. The Mayor Says:

    A cross between Swayze/Sinise?

  14. Andy Says:

    Cudgel, as much as I respect your powers of observation…Color film was not yet invented when Conway was a tot. Oh maybe it was…what do I know? But I’m pretty sure they didn’t have any in Helena, stinkin’ Arkansas.

    Did you know that Conway was actually named after his great uncle, Harold Lloyd…a quite famous silent-film schtick guy? Of course you did!

  15. Go_Fish Says:

    Funny how you never see Patrick Swayze and Gary Coleman together…

  16. Andy Says:

    Where the hell is Carin when you really need her?

  17. dmorris Says:

    Conway Twitty,real name,Harold Lloyd Jenkins born Sept. 1,1033, died June 5,1993.As for colour film:

    # 1861: The first known permanent color photograph is taken by James Clerk Maxwell
    # 1877: Louis Ducos du Hauron experiments with subtractive color (see below)
    # 1891: Lippmann process
    # 1896: Joly color screen process
    # 1907 (patented 1904): Autochrome
    # 1908: Dufaycolor (color transparencies)
    # 1908: Finlay Colour process (additive process using an RGB filter)
    # 1909–1915: Prokudin-Gorskii’s color documentary photography in Russia
    # 1912: Paget process
    # 1920 (patented 1905): Tri-Color carbon prints (by Louis Ducos du Hauron since 1862 and Charles Cros since 1867), it lasts to 1960 by Autotype
    # 1935: Kodachrome (16mm motion picture film)
    # 1936: Kodachrome (35mm still film)
    # 1936: Agfacolor (transparency film)
    # 1940: Ektachrome (slide film)
    # 1942: Kodacolor (color negative process for still photography and later motion pictures)
    # 1946: Dye transfer prints (imbibition process)
    # 1960s: Cibachrome, now officially known as Ilfochrome.
    # 1965: Polacolor by Polaroid

    Hm. I don’t know what that proves. All I know is we never had TV until 1962, so I had to see all the classic TV shows in rerun, and have NEVER seen an episode of “Howdy Doody” in my deprived life.

    Patrick Swayze. it does look like him.

  18. dmorris Says:

    1933, not 1033.

  19. paul mitchell Says:

    BRETT FAVRE!!!!!

  20. cudgel Says:

    Conway Twitty is dead?, I did not know that and thanks fellas for that illuminating info.

  21. dinosaur Says:

    “Conway Twitty,real name,Harold Lloyd Jenkins born Sept. 1,1033″

    Was he in the crusades? A templar or hospitalier?

  22. dinosaur Says:

    If andy keeps changing his guess do I have to keep changing?

  23. Andy Says:

    dmorris, thank you so much for filling me in on the history of the wonderful world of color. My ignorance has been exposed.

    But I am almost certain that no one in Helena, stinkin’ Arkansas knew anything about it when Harold Lloyd Jenkins (aka Conway Twitty) was a boy. So I stand by my assertion that this can not possibly be Conway Twitty (even though I trust Cudgel’s judgment in all things).

    And this Paul Mitchell guy obviously missed the part about this fellow being a hollyweirdo. Favre is weird for sure, but to my knowledge has never made a film.

    And don’t give me the old, “well, he’s in every NFL highlight film for the last 63 years” deal. It ain’t Favre! It is somebody else!!!

  24. tfhr Says:


    Favre was in “Something About Mary”, and while it was a good movie, you can see why he should not appear in anymore films.

    I think that was also the last movie I treated my parents to – not sure if it was the highway rest stop scene or the “hair gel” scene that did it.

  25. Andy Says:

    Well, once again my ignorance is exposed! Having not seen a film in many years, I should not act all “high and mighty” throwing accusations about Brett Favre not being a movie star.

    I might have to see if the video store near me has this “Something About Mary” film on Beta.

    But I still don’t think it’s Favre, or Conway.

  26. Andy Says:

    So, I’m assuming that we MUST WAIT on Carin to weigh in before the answer is revealed. Sigh…

    As they say in Arkansas, “The expense is killing me!”

  27. The Mayor Says:

    I will say that the answer to the question has been revealed by one or more of the commenters already.

    Dum dee dum dum DUUUUUUUUM!

  28. Andy Says:

    So it is Conway Twitty! Crap…I’m losing my touch!

  29. The Mayor Says:

    Yer still in the running…it aint Conway.

  30. dmorris Says:

    It’s gotta be Swayze, look at them wiiiide eyes!

    Or,maybe it’s Sessue Hayakawa,of “Bridge on the River Kwai” fame.

  31. Andy Says:

    Give it up dmorris! I thought at first sight that it was Swayze. But as always, I doubt my first instincts…leading me astray to follow the popular wind as it blows.

    I suck.

    So, I will steel my spine and say that it is without a doubt Patrick Swayze! Or not…

  32. The Mayor Says:

    Alright, alright, settle down, you guys are making a scene.

    It’s…it’s….it’s….Dick Cheney.

    No, that’s not right, it Patrick Swayze.

    Ta Da!

  33. Andy Says:

    I don’t believe you! It was my first wild-ass guess. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE THAT I COULD BE RIGHT ON A WILD-ASS GUESS! To be right, I have to ponder, consult, and google…

    A wild-ass guess is NEVER RIGHT! Or not…

  34. The Mayor Says:

    I always dig when someone gets the correct answer right away, yet 35 comments later people are still guessing. It makes my life complete.

    Keep in mind my life was a complete mess.

  35. Ron Says:

    Could it Keanu Reeves?

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