Moose At Elliot Lake



A photographer buddy of mine sent me this the other day. The pictures were taken at Elliot Lake, Ontario. Here is the description attached to the electronic letter I received:

By the length of his beard and the grey legs, I figure he must be over 10 years old. 

He looks to be well over 8 feet at the top of the shoulder hump,

and with his head up the height to the top of his antler must be about 12 feet.

This guy is king of the forest, no bear or pack of wolves would dare come after him when he has this rack……

Considering that a dirt road can fit 1 1/2 cars across … this fellow is HUGE

I’m sure those Mitchievillian’s reading this from the land of Alaska will say that moose get this big in those parts, but for Northern Ontario this is rather impressive.

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  1. Andy Says:

    Shazaaaaammmmmm! We don’t have moose in Louisiana, but I have seen a few when I lived out west. I figure he could swallow whole any moose that I ever came across. Man, that rascal is gynormous!


  2. mare Says:

    Seriously, is that photoshopped? Naw, it isn’t.

  3. Steamboat McGoo Says:

    Pity there isn’t really anything in the photo to better show scale. That is awesome.

  4. The Mayor Says:

    From what I understand, it isn’t PhotoShopped. Having said that…

    Actually, the source is rather reputable, and he said usually moose this big are found in Alaska.

  5. Thorjolfstolf of Mitchieville Says:

    Somehow, this can be construed as proof of Global Warming

  6. The Mayor Says:

    Totally. Moose just don’t walk down roads unless the heat of the bush drove them out.

    Gorebal warming is serious, send Fenris money.

  7. Hamish Says:

    where did you get these pics, Mayor? I found one of them posted on a Maine blog in July.

  8. Hamish Says:

    …and here’s the same pic posted saying it was found in the maritimes

  9. The Mayor Says:


    I got this one emailed to me from a nature photographer.

    I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to think I can’t believe everything I read and or hear on the internets.

  10. Hamish Says:

    well it’s still a big fucking moose though. impressive no matter where it was taken!

  11. The Mayor Says:

    Could it be possible this moose has been to NB, Maine and Elliot Lake?

    The moose dun quite a bit of walking!

  12. Andy Says:

    That’s probably it Mr. Mayor… Big old moose walking all over North America to raise awareness of Global Warming!

    I know it got my attention…

    Yeah, that’s it! Kinda like that guy walking ‘cross America with a cross on his back…

  13. Andy Says:

    BTW, I found the story of this photo. This moose got loose in a “Christmas Tree Farm.” The evergreen trees are a massive 6 to 8 feet tall.

    I’m just saying…

  14. Reg Says:

    I’ve spent a bit of time around tree farms and this certainly is not a tree farm. There is much dissent in this thread. Time for Lisa to plan mandatory readings at the Mitchieville Public Libray perhaps?

  15. alexb Says:

    Wow,i ran across a moose a couple years back about an hour out of the Soo heading towards Thunderbay.
    This thing was about the height of my Chev 1500.
    This puppy is Andre the Giant of the Moose world !

  16. Andy Says:

    Reg, it was a VERY lame attempt at a joke. Mitcheville has a public library? Who knew???

  17. Kate Says:

    What the hell Mr. Mayor, a moose on sterioids? That thing is huge. I’ve done a ton of hiking in Canada and thank God I never ran into any creatures like this. Can you imagine driving down that road in some economy rental car la, la, la, la with your camping gear in tow and seeing this? I hope he doesn’t have a buddy.

    Mr. Mayor, I’ll think twice about my next hiking trip to your neck of the woods.

  18. Mitchieville » Blog Archive » The World’s Tallest Horse Says:

    [...] me explain: I few weeks ago I showed a few pictures on this site of a moose that was 10-12 feet tall. To date, that post has received about 5000 hits. It has been seen on dozens of message boards [...]

  19. kae Says:

    He caught the bus.

    If he’d been walking all over America more people woulda seen him.


  20. kae Says:

    or he hitched…

  21. The Mayor Says:

    If he/she is Canadian, it would be too scared to take the Greyhound.

  22. san Says:

    I believe it is trick photography. No clear pic
    of the moose …too many shadows around the moose.

    Not a good comparison for sure with the trees.
    What is the line going across that dirt road ?
    Could even be just a foot path perhaps.

    Anyway, Handsome looking creature !

  23. dUH Says:

    Look at the trees people this was a terrible attempt at photoshop….The first pic shows dead tree with all branches the second pic they are gone but its after the “monster” walked by so must be he turned around and used them for tooth pics….Come on you people are too easy

  24. Big Dan Says:

    There is no way that dirt track is a car and a half wide, it’s barely wide enough for tow small atv’s to pass! Just look at the track width, and the center berm! Still a nice moose, but no way any bigger than the one I shot on the Tanana flats in Alaska last year! Besides, the beard usually freezes off of older bulls by the third or fourth year. I’d give him 5 to 6 years old, maybe 55 inch rack, but then I underestimated last year, figured the one I shot was about 40″ ended up almost 50″!!!!

  25. The Mayor Says:

    So it’s possible that it is that big then?

    I have a friend that hunts, he said he’s seen one this big in Alaska, too. Seems all the giant ones are from there.

  26. Not a believer but... Says:

    dUH, you’re comparing different trees. The one with all the branches is out of range of the shot in the second picture.

  27. LeonMSPT Says:

    The line across the road is a waterbar… commonly placed to break the flow of water and push it off the road to reduce erosion. The photo, if you download it and examine it closely using common software, is real.

    Unsure of the location of the moose. Never seen an animal that size in Maine. We’ll see where it was eventually, I am sure…

  28. The Mayor Says:

    I’m not sure why so many people find it so hard to believe that animals get so big. Hunters and northerners will tell you that moose do indeed get to be this size.

    I’m sure the doubters think giraffes must be PhotoShopped.

  29. al Says:

    Good thing Jerry Jack didn’t come across this rascal, he would eat for two years.

  30. ben dover Says:

    im a local, and there was a huge talk over all of ontario about the monster! there was photos in almost EVERY outdoor store.. same with the giant bear. on top of that i go moose hunting every year near elliot lake to see monsters like him everywhere.this pic was most likley taken from a trail cam. although i do know where the road is , it is a road not a trail, it leads to a camp ground with the given name “ritchie falls”

  31. Save The Children Says:

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    [...]Mitchieville » Blog Archive » Moose At Elliot Lake[...]…

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