Canadian Bands From The 70’s Week

Having a week like Canadian Bands From the 70’s means that quite a few excellent bands are going to be left out. For instance, I’m not going to put up Rush or BTO, simply because everyone knows them inside and out. I’m going to concentrate on bands that maybe those folks outside of Canada might not know a whole heck of a lot about.

Like Chilliwack, for instance. My sister use to love Chilliwack, she still might for all I know. In my honest opinion though, I thought Chilliwack was stronger in the 80’s then they were in the 70’s, with tunes like I believe (The Mayor’s fave Chilliwack song), My Girl (cheesy) and Whatcha Gonna Do.

Chilliwack was formed in the late 60’s from the ashes of a group called The Collectors. Other than marijuana and magic mushrooms, Chilliwack is the most successful export BC has ever had. BTW, Chilliwack is a town in BC, I think Dmorris hid out there for a summer in 72 when the RCMP was trying to track him down over some allegations regarding three midgets, a large rope and a stepladder. The details are kind of foggy now, but it’s something like that.

Anyway, Chilliwack was a pretty good group, a little musically light for my taste, but I’m still convinced that if Chilliwack was an American group, they would have been worldwide huge.

This post didn’t do these guys justice, so I suggest YouTubing the hell out of them to get the full falvour effect. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Andy Says:

    “a little musically light” for your taste??? Dang, Mr. Mayor! That was truly bitchin!

    As one American who knew well BTO, and Rush, and dmorris’ pool shooting buddies…um…whatever their name was…I had NEVER heard of Chilliwack (and obviously not The Collectors…well, I’ve heard FROM Collectors, but they weren’t singing nice tunes, if you know what I mean).

    Thanks for posting this. That was truly WAY cool. It might just be me, but I can hear a Neil Young-like quality in the lead singer. I certainly understand why your sis was a fan.

    And if I keep giving enormous kudos and thanks, will you pinkie-swear not to host a Really Gay Queer Week?

  2. MoreCanadian Says:

    A job well dune dudes!

  3. RightTurnClyde Says:

    Kudos to Mr. Mayor, a most excellent choice. I wasn’t familiar with this band (being from outside Canada), but after listening to a few selections on youtube, can say they rock. That said, I will be forced to pummel several Canadian friends via e-mail for not bringing these guys to my attention…

  4. SteveB Says:

    I was big into Chilliwak after I heard them on the Mike Douglas show. So, like, yeah. Totally dating myself there.

  5. dmorris Says:

    We used to see “The Collectors, then Chilliwack at all the clubs and small concert halls around the Lower Mainland and The Island back in the sixties. There were a lot of good bands in Vancouver in the mid ’sixties, at clubs of Fourth Avenue and Downtown. “Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck” was a favourite. From that group came Donnie McDougall, who played guitar for the Guess Who after Randy Bachman left.

    An old buddy was Chilliwack’s sound man on a couple of their cross Canada tours, said they never drew very well in the East, but did well out West.

    Some other groups I used to see, and sometimes socialize with back in the old days; Seeds of Time, Black Snake Blues Band,Lemon, Street Noise.


  6. Andy Says:

    Dang, dmorris! I’m gonna quit telling stories. Mine truly suck in comparison…“Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck”…if I did not know that you are telling the truth, I would laugh out loud!

    Regardless, I like this “Week” in Mitcheville. I am not Canadian, but I will AMEN ya’. “Memories” for sure…

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