People That Make Out With Animals Week


I heard this is how Swine Flu™ started. Some cute idiot from Mexico was feeling rather amorous one night and looked over into the mud and saw that Porky was looking rather attractive. Next thing you know, Egypt is culling pigs and New York State is mandating its nurses to get H1N1 shot. Badda bing badda boom.

I truly hope we never have to deal with Doggie Flu, what a disaster that would be.

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  1. Andy Says:

    Her eyes are strangely red. I’m talking about the girl…not the dog…if you can distinguish the difference.

    I’m pretty sure she’s got the flu. Your eyes get really red like that, unless you hold the flash at least a foot above the camera lens…or have photo editing software.

    Regardless, the bitch looks sick to me.

  2. paul mitchell Says:

    Dude, of all the weeks, this one has the most potential to leave the tracks, careen down the hill, skirting the orphanage, but still managing to kill thousands of innocents on the way down.

    Lead on, sir or ma’am, as the case may be.

  3. dmorris Says:

    NEVER,NEVER kiss a dog! Do you (non-dog owners) have ANY idea at all what they’ll eat?! Yeeuch!

    I mean, go ahead and boff the damned creatures if you must, but don’t kiss ‘em!

    btw, the guy with the pig was probably from the Canadian Prairies,where there was a lot of folks porking porkers when sheep became scarce due to market conditions.

    Further btw, Mayor, you’ll have a hell of a time surpassing the guy you featured a few months back who gave explicit instructions on how to fuck dolphins.

    THAT was a classic internet literary experience.

    Careen on ,Mayor!

  4. mare Says:

    Are we staggering into creepy pron areas here? Looking at the girl and her lover makes me feel wrong in all the wrong ways.

  5. dmorris Says:

    “Are we staggering into creepy pron areas here?”

    Porn? Possibly. In the Mayor’s quest to become a “restricted” website, anything and everything must be tried.

  6. marc in calgary Says:

    I wonder what the dog thought, you know, the next day.
    Did he look at the first person he saw smiling at him and think, “are we the next item up for bid”? or, “hey you want a piece of me too”? does he remember it, in the night? The next day while licking his balls will he think, “some days I have to do all the work”?
    or maybe, just maybe, the dog is in the midst of throwing his head back right now and saying in dog speak, “do everything you desire”.

    I’m just sayin’, really, I’m just sayin’.

    Egypt has already culled all the pigs. I saw the video link at atlasshugs2000 a few months past, of the peaceful egyptians rounding up all the christian’s pigs, then pouring lime on them and burying them alive, it was at the start of what was once known as “swine flu”, hence the name change to H1N1.
    I wonder what the religion of peace types would think if I arbitrarily re-named all bearded folks as being “cunt faces” … would they just kill themselves in shame?
    the link is here, but it doesn’t quite make the funny pages.

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