When They Were Young

If I was to tell you that in later years of his life this swarthy looking half-hippie would become the leading man in numerous Hollyweird feature films, I’m sure some of you would spit in my face in disgust, unbelieving that I told you such an atrocious lie. To that I would say, “Excellent overreaction, have you ever considered a career in politics?”

Well, this swarthy looking half-hippie really did go on to become a leading man in quite a few Hollyweird films, most of which The Mayor hated. And I didn’t just hate them because they had this guy in them, I hated them because the movies royally sucked. Don’t get me wrong, buddy guy is pretty much a useless sack of crap, but I’m separating him from the movies he was in and making a judgment of the movies he starred in. And they sucked. Royally.

Last year the United Nations named this guy a Messenger of Peace. Ya. A *Messenger of Peace*. The UN awarded him that faggy title based on his “social and liberal political activism.” I think right about now you’re cluing in as to why I earlier referred to this guy as a “useless sack of crap”. Here’s the mathematical formula I used to come to the conclusion about what type of person this guy is:

Social & liberal political activism + UN award = Useless sack of crap

Any idea who9 this useless sack of crap is?

6 Responses to “When They Were Young”

  1. Rob Huck Says:

    Looks like Looney Clooney.

  2. classicaliberal Says:

    That’s George Clooney

  3. cudgel Says:

    That’s Julia Roberts, the guy who was in the movie Pretty Woman.

  4. dmorris Says:

    I have to go along with “cudgel”,looks like Julia.

  5. The Mayor Says:

    Yup, it’s Julia Roberts. Cudgel * Dmorris nailed it.

    Sorry RH & CL, better luck next time.

  6. Mitchieville » Blog Archive » When They Were Young Says:

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