Where is my plantation?

I get stereotyped all the time. It is OK, I am not a member of the oppressed, but an oppressor. I think about that while shovelling snow during the Global Warming winters, or paying taxes to pay for people that will never pay taxes. And, when I watch stuff like this (the first bit, where the evil Cowboys are depicted in a Hollywood fashion), I wonder, since I am paying for the lifestyle, why I am not living it? Where is my plantation?

I like the ‘Mexicans as victims’ theme to this clip. It is very politically correct. The fact that the Cowboys are avenging the murder of their home-boys in the gang is noble. It happens all the time in Toronto. Some teenager, who is turning his life around, with a scholarship for basketball and journalism in the fall at the University of Toronto, gets plugged, so his bro’s and ho’s from the ‘hood go plug the teenager, who is turning his life around, with a scholarship for basketball and journalism in the fall at York University. Nothing wrong about that, or the media would say something about it. After all, they have alot of friends who are social workers and food bankers in the troubled, underfunded neighbourhoods. They know better.

I do not know if I like the depiction of the Catholic church in this clip. I thought the Catholic church was bad, if the media is to be trusted, and it always is. So why the positive spin here? And the depiction that a heteronormative marriage between man and woman is something good, is bad.

This movie clip would be alot better is it was a gay wedding being shot up, with people in wheelchairs getting murdered. That would do a better job of depicting white people with jobs as bad. It is hard to really not giggle at the massacre of meanie Catholic heteronormatives, and this weakens the appeal of this clip.

Getting back to my point. All the evil white killers (and all white folks are evil killers, I am told) have jobs. I don’t see Curly Bob or Johnny Ringo going around looking for a job or taking a crappy job in telemarketing. Now, I am paying taxes because of evil white people like Curly Bill and Johnny Ringo. Where is my job?

Maybe I should act more like Johnny Ringo and Curly Bill. I have to pay for it anyway. And Johnny Ringo and Curly Bill have jobs.

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