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If you go by the name Mr Fnortner, you correctly identified both MENSA questions from last weeks teaser. If you go by the name Natasha and happen to run this excellent site, you get to stand at the podium and receive a silver medal. If you go by the name Marc in Calgary, Cudgel, Andy, and Go_Fish, you receive neither a medal or any accolades, other than The Mayor calling you out personally in front of what might be tens and tens of people. Wow, you should see your faces, they’re totally red!

I have two MENSA questions for you today. TLDG and I tried to figure them out last night, right before we went to bed and made love. And that’s probably the reason why she’s crying this morning. Not because of the MENSA questions, but more because of my terrible love-making abilities. I’m like some sort of idiot mutant rhino in the bedroom, smashing stuff, putting parts of my body into the equation that don’t belong, fermenting food in my hindgut, and mounting her rhino style with my 3 1/2′ penis. But you don’t want to hear about my 3 1/2′ penis and the way I mount my wife, you’re here for the MENSA questions, aren’t you?

Let’s git ‘er dun!

1) Only one common English word can be made by rearranging the letters in the phrase below.

What is it?


2) Carl is now two years older than Janet was four years ago. The sum of their ages is 26.

How old are they?

I see the word *rearrange* in the first question and it brings to mind the word *arrange*. Which brings to mind a local commercial that’s being run right now in which some loan shark guy is blabbering on about this and that and how he wants to rape you of your wealth, and then at the end of the commercial a graphic is displayed on screen and it turns out the guy goes by the name of The Loan Arranger. It’s a take off of The Loan Ranger, obviously, but it brought to mind that I’ve now seen a commercial with some idiot calling himself The Loan Arranger in no fewer than three cities in three different countries.

Do you, or did you ever have a commercial like this in your town or city? Is this some sort of cultural phenomenon? Should we break out our weapons and start shooting people? What the hell is going on? Where’s my soup? When did you get that great haircut? So many questions…

Back to the MENSA game for a second. Everyone is welcome to play, just leave your answers in the appropriate spot. Even if someone has already answered correctly, you are still entitled to play and receive fake gratification from The Mayor. That’s how I roll, pilgrim.

11 Responses to “MENSA Teaser”

  1. MiamiSean Says:

    Carl is 12 Jane is 14

  2. marc in calgary Says:

    I don’t even try to do those mensa tests that flood my email with their special offers of little blue pills and how to do all sorts of other things like ride a snow machine across a lake or *finally* graduate from the U of Phoenix with a degree in astral projection or whatever.
    I saw the foto of Selma in the above posting I didn’t really get anything else done this morning especially after my thinking of “the Mrs.” came into play, although I spent some time google-ing some stuff and came up with “coprocephalic” that’s all I gots today.
    I don’t like your wednesday hottie this week. I think that Selma (we’re on a first name basis by now…) should be the wednesday hottie this week, some may think she could be the wednesday hottie’s mom, but they’re very very very (3) wrong and I’m not one of them.
    I’m fine with you calling me out in front of tens of people, I’m not bitter, I’m in control. I’m ok. My face isn’t red anymore and most of the spots have cleared up too. Obama won the presidency by starting all his sentences with “I” or “we”, so I’m getting on that bus as well…
    note to Janet: stop reading my mail, I’ve really had it.

    note to the mayor, I like that in order to comment, I have to submit.

  3. The Mayor Says:

    Special offers of little blue pills?

    But Marc, if you call now, we’ll offer you 500 little blue pills for the price of 250…operators are standing by.

    Here’s how you can order…

  4. Andrew The lesser Says:

    Carl is 12, Janet is 14.

  5. trebmald Says:

    1) ASHTRAY
    2) Janet is 14 years old and Carl is 12 years old

  6. MiamiSean Says:

    don’t know where I got trashy from, you guys are right

  7. The Mayor Says:

    You were probably looking at the picture below this post when you wrote that, MiamiSean.

  8. Andy Says:

    “ATRYSHA!” That’s a common name given to children (male, or female) in the Southern US, and norther inner cities.

    Janet & Carl? Where does “whitey” find those ridiculous names for their children?

  9. Mr Fnortner Says:

    Mr Fnortner was sleeping under *two* park benches last night–it was that cold where he is–and he missed wake-up call. Janet and Carl are far too young to need that ashtray anyway. Congrats to ATL.

  10. cudgel Says:

    I’m sorry, i can’t get past the 3.5 penis and rhino mounting to focus on the MENSA.

  11. The Mayor Says:

    Not many people can, Cudgel, not many people can…

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