Chicks With Dicks


I believe the woman on the left hand side is the Chick With the Dick. The person from the site where I took this from sure thinks so. As a matter of fact they said, “the woman on the left, ______, is blah blah’s wife. That’s good enough for me, let’s go with it.

Woman on the left would be the second wife of her Dick. She has two kids from a previous marriage/affair/hospital theft, and there’s not much known about her other than she sure married into money.

The Dick she’s married to is one of the richest men in the world. Yet he doesn’t display that air of superiority. I’m sure he’s a real arsehole in his own right, but I see him as more of a down to earth type of guy. He once had a short-lived show on the tube that I had the misfortune of watching 5 minutes of. The show was so bad that I wrote up and invoice and sent it to him. The invoice was for forty thousand dollars. Six dollars for the time I wasted watching it, and 39994.00 for pain and suffering (my dollar sign key doesn’t work so I have to type every amount out, in case you’re wondering).

Dick guy is a Libertarian, and referred to the two main political parties in his country as being “the same”. Seems Dick likes freedom and free markets, and I think that’s why I like Dick. As in, Dick the person, not some sort of twisted homosexual reference about male genitalia. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Have I given you enough information? Do you need more clues? Can you believe Dick married the woman on the left and not her hot daughter? I mean, Dick is worth a zillion dollars and he married for love. Hahahaha. Wait, that’s beautiful.

2 Responses to “Chicks With Dicks”

  1. finn Says:

    Richard Branson

  2. Andy Says:

    Dick Cavett.

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