It’s All About Michelle Obama


If you thought we were playing What Doesn’t Belong? again, I’m afraid you’re wrong. We’re actually playing “What first lady is totally inappropriate as her African husband lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns during a Veterans Day full honor ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery?”

Sure, maybe it would have been more appropriate if Michelle Obama had not worn such a loud jacket, knee-high hooker boots and the most hideous under-tittie/over-the-fat- roll belt ever designed, but then she wouldn’t get to be the center of attention. Better to be out of place than out of the limelight, I suppose.

9 Responses to “It’s All About Michelle Obama”

  1. cudgel Says:

    Put a fur hat on that coconut and she looks like Mrs. Ceucescu.

  2. Chris Says:

    The Obama presidency is the perfect example of the fact that the nation still hasn’t accepted that JFK is dead and is never coming back.

  3. Nurse Kate Says:

    Wow, I’m pretty socially retarded and even I know that thats in bad taste. Doesn’t she have PR people to keep stuff like this from happening?

  4. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Maybe she is just being an activist and wants to rub someones nose in it. The great wars were always about white privilege and honoring the war dead is just glorifying the invisible knapsack of white privilege. Thats the best I can do, off the cuff.

  5. Andy Says:

    Maybe she’s just stupid, and has no class, or sense of decorum. That’s the best I can do, off the cuff.

  6. Mr Fnortner Says:

    All her taste is in her mouth.

  7. dmorris Says:

    The Big Zero looks like he’s trying hard to concentrate on looking solemn,while thinking,”why the hell did she have to wear THAT damned coat”?

  8. nancy Says:

    The boots are vintage Russian Army.

  9. mare Says:

    She’s an idiot and she proves it over and over again.

    Hey, Michelle, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!

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