The Perfect Amount Of Female Flesh

According to that most venerated of scientific magazines, the Daily Mail, science has again come to the rescue to answer one of life’s most longing questions: how much skin should a woman bare in order to attract a man without being asked the question “how much”?

British scientists believe the answer is an outfit that reveals 40% of a woman’s skin, which provides “just the right” amount of attention. While 40% may be a strange number to quantify in clothing, think coverage. Legs and arms can really soak up most of that number, while a plunging neckline can probably finish the job. But attention must be paid to where that 40% is provided. Obviously devoting 40% all in one place can easily have negative repercussions as well.

To hit the right figure, Leeds University psychologist Colin Hendrie sent four female researchers to one of the city’s biggest nightclubs to experiment in what level of skank would be most appropriate:

There, they stood on a balcony overlooking the dancefloor, and noted what the female clubbers were wearing and how many times they were approached by men.

All their observations were taped on dictaphones hidden in handbags.


And clothing – or lack of it – was one of the factors that helped them stand out.

Specifically, women who showed off around 40 per cent of their skin were approached by twice as many men as those who were more covered up.

Of course some people use visual aids a little better than just trying to conceptualize some number. So here’s some help.

Too much skin:


Not enough skin:


Just right:


What’s that? No, actually, Ms.Biel is wearing a 60/40 clothing-skin ratio in the above shot. You’re letting your imagination run away with you.

6 Responses to “The Perfect Amount Of Female Flesh”

  1. dmorris Says:

    The person on the left in the middle shot has SUCH lovely eyes!

    And the young lady at top has such a lovely……..!

  2. cbullitt Says:

    Had to steal that first one mayor–too bad she’s walking away, but then, after a while, they all do. Except for the ones buried under the floorboards in the pantry.

    BTW, did you see the news about the AGW scandal? stop by or go to Anthony’s. It’s going to be fun.

  3. The Mayor Says:

    CBullitt — simply amazing. I hope to hell this is not a hoax. Then again, even if it’s true, who in the state-controled media dare report it?

  4. classicaliberal Says:

    Wait… I’m confused. So would this be considered enough, or too much? How about this, too much, too little?

    I’m lost.

  5. marc in calgary Says:

    tough to say classicaliberal, your first foto grossly exceeds all available bandwidth.

  6. Woody Says:

    Jessica Biel is one fit bird. Yummy.

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