The Big Red Corporation

What ever happened to the Swine Flu epidemic?

This was the topic for discussion in the lunch room today. I work for a living (which makes me a member of the working class * ) and my fellow members of the working class were talking about the swine flu epidemic which has not happened. I work in a call center, and colds and flu travel fast there. My fellow workers know this from experience. So, where is the plague we were promised by the main stream media, academics, and other highly paid caring peoples who are so much smarter?

In the light, er, shadow of the various scandals involving corporate activism (where to start? immigration – just to rub our noses in diversity; global warming science – just made up; journalism – the highest form being Jayson Blair; and employment equity – Obama, just as equally incompetent as all the other employment equity hires that the working class has had to endure) even my proletarian bretheren have developed a suspicion about the media, the medical profession, and the layered activist bureaucrats that take our money and tell us what racists we are. ‘It is just an excuse’, said one, unaware that her criticisms of progressive policies could get her labelled a racist by the second generation, six-figure income progressives. Various theories were propounded.

Theory Number One: The Vaccine Works! Enough people have had the innoculation, stopping the epidemic before it started!

Theory Number Two: Employment Equity incompetents have been given positions of power and responsibility. Being stupid, they made a stupid decision to squander lots of money on a non-existant problem.

Theory Number Three: It is just a scam to make money for some Big Corporation. We all know that Big Corporations are greedy (just like the octopus we work for, us members of the working class).

Theory One was laughed off. The consensus in my sample of working class was that no, the vaccine is a crock. Many of those, at work, who rushed out to get the vaccine got sick with something involving muscle aches, fatigue, and nausea. Their doctors told them it was not flu. Who could argue with a doctor, even the ones that speak english as their first language? I know alot of people who get sick every year after their flu vaccines, but that is a post for another day.

Theory Two involved a debate that I will not reproduce here. I could discuss what my fellow workers of the working class said in more detail, but I do not discuss that sort of stuff in a public forum. We do not have free speech in Canada, where any public debate outside of the boundaries of progressive political correctness is best done with people who are not progressives who will betray you for political points, job advancement, and personal gain. None the less, a minority faction of the working class held to Theory Two, the ’stupid people make stupid decisions’ school.

Theory Three was the majority opinion. Distrust of corporations is fed to the working class in Ontario by every marxist academic that infests the education system like bedbugs in a Tuberculosis clinic in Toronto. Private ownership of property is bad, like white people with jobs and a history of responsible gun ownership.

The Health Care Industry is a ‘corporation’, in that rather vague meaning that proletarians use. It is, actually, heavily dependent upon state funding, and is crawling with activists, even worse than the bedbugs you find in the waiting rooms of Toronto Tuberculosis clinics. As an activist hive, it is not in the sights of the Bolsheviks as a ‘corporation’, like the ones traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Which got me thinking. What are the proletariat doing thinking about an activist ‘corporation’ as a reprehensible capitalist ‘corporation’?

The Great Red Corporation. If you run with the idea that the progressives are every bit as materialistic as the capitalist swine they despise, combined with the surfacing scandals about moral deficiency (even for those with moral relativity) of these progressives, and given an icing of propaganda, lies, and doctored data, you come up with an image of The Great Red Corporation as a cynical, venal, and rather evil entity.

The correct image is that of a multi-layered cake. At the top are the glorious leaders, who also are hypocritically rich, and tend to be second or third generation activists. Another layer is the media, taking the place of the Czarist clergy. They lie, distort, and fool us. The next layer is the Czarist military, only the progressives have lawyers who use lawfare. This is not a system that Stalin would recognize as a friend, but something that is an enemy and oppressor of the working class. Which it is. The working class of Canada is not well served by the Big Red Corporation, it is exploited and oppressed. Progressives may hate Christianity (and only that particular religion, unlike real marxists * ) but progressives show up in scripture, as Pharisees * . These Pharisees were doctors of the law in ancient times, and enforcers of the law of political correctness in the present; and both past and present are greedy, and damned.

This then is the correct way of viewing the Big Red Corporation. It exists to make money for itself. The fairy dust of moral superiority is but marketing to beguile the taxpayers, the serfs of yesteryear. This explains the bizarre immigration policies that ‘bring skills in’, ‘protect refugees’, and ‘unite families’, but really bring in the unemployable (thereby creating perpetual jobs for those who teach but never succeed in teaching), and the criminal (thereby creating perpetual jobs for entire divisions of activists to defend, anger manage, and dole out entitlements).

Indeed, one wonders why the bogus swine flu epidemic was decided upon by the illuminati of the Big Red Corporation. To rub working class noses in the need for more spending, somewhere? To distract the working class from the transformation of their once peaceful, ordered, and well-governed states into the Balkans? To justify sales of unsellable products made by some uncles’ company? The greed, nepotism, and treachery of these people, the staff and leadership of the Great Red Corporation has only been scratched. More is coming. More dark scandals. More would have been known long ago if the media had not sold itself to the Reds.

There is a diversity of anti-social types whose mis-shapen personalities have a good fit in the Big Red Corporation. For haters of women, you can bash non-progressive women without fear of correction by feminists. For haters of homosexuals, you can bash non-progressive homosexuals without fear of correction by homosexual activists. For fascists, you can forment race hatred without fear of correction by fascist fighters. Indeed, all the old school evils have crawled out of the grave and found a new home in the divisions of the Big Red Corporation.

What an interesting time we live in. But enough of history has survived the rewriting into herstory to give us a clue into the future, for those that do not study the past relive it. The Big Red Corporation has turned Toronto into the Balkans, and there will be those social problems there for centuries to come. Red Corp has saddled Canada, and Western Civilization for that matter, with expenses and dead wood that make foreign oppressors drool with dreams of conquest. Oh well. The bourgeois will start a revolution to overthrow the aristocrats of the Big Red Corporation, just like they always do. Etcetera. Etcetera.

I have to go to work tomorrow. I suspect the topic will be the acquital of the killers of Jane Creba, or perhaps a pool on how long before they kill again. A year, I say. And in that year, think of all the jobs for the satraps of the Big Red Corporation. And maybe next year, they will try the swine flu campaign, again.

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  1. dmorris Says:

    The unfortunate gentlemen who were let off in the Jane Creba case,were not her killers, but members of the OTHER gang that just happened to be in the area, probably to negotiate with the killer gang for turf or carbon credits.

    There was no sense sending them to prison,as it may have adversely affected their development as Canadians,so the Great Canadian Justice System saw fit to release them to continue their good works in the community.

    I am certain that the impressionable young men will turn their lives around after the trauma of being at ground zero, and become social workers and parole officers for the Great City of Toronto.

    We here at Mitchieville would appreciate the occasional update,like when the young men graduate from the U.of T., and when they commence employment with the Gov.’t of Ontario,marry, have kids, save for that vacation dream home,etc.,etc.

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