Green Shoots & Leaves


Obama’s approval rating slides to 39% among racist whites.

The last three years have seen a significant drop in the cost of housing in the United States, bringing prices back down from once astronomical levels – visual.

More fixed-rate home loans going into foreclosure- move over subslime, here comes the next wave.

Fraudie/Phoney MBS And More Lies From Congress.

What better way to commemorate the Thanksgiving holiday than with a good old fashioned smashing of the U.S. dollar.

How much does the Average American Make? Breaking Down the U.S. Household Income Numbers.

Can 2004 teach us anything abut 2010? Ah yes, 2004, the bad ole days. How I wish we were in those bad ole days once again.

Restaurants brace for a sour season as consumers lose appetite for dining out. Save your money, eat at home.

All of the federal government’s efforts to stem the tide of the financial meltdown have added hundreds of billions of dollars to an already staggering national debt, a sum that is expected to double over the next 10 years to more than $23 trillion. In Ten Trillion and Counting, FRONTLINE traces the politics behind this mounting debt and investigates what some say is a looming crisis that makes the current financial situation pale in comparison.

2 Responses to “Green Shoots & Leaves”

  1. dmorris Says:

    The U.S should start to pay off it’s debt to China by selling off States,personally if I was, God save us all,Obama, I’d sell them California,complete with Arnold.

    Next,Michigan,Illinois,Puerto Rico, Indiana,New York,Bill and Hillary Clinton,etc., saving the best for last,Washington State,which I love for their redneck ways.

  2. Steynian 399 « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    [...] DOWN DOWN DOWN– Obama’s approval rating slides to 39% among racist whites …. [...]

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