Families In Descending Order Week


Do you know the reason why people hardly ever smiled in olden pictures? Because they were never quite sure when the flash was going to go off, and typically it took forever, so by the time it did, people were sick of smiling. I’m a bastion of knowledge, sometimes my brain hurts from having so much knowledge crammed into it.

If I didn’t know better, and I don’t, I would say that the husband in the picture is Christopher Reeves. It sure looks like him.

Now let’s go into yet another direction with this post. Descending families scare the living daylights out of The Mayor. Descending families and clowns. I’m not sure which scares me most, but both give me the willies.

So, how’s your wife and my kids?

6 Responses to “Families In Descending Order Week”

  1. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Trying to get a rise out of us?


  2. paul mitchell Says:

    Man, think about how long Reeves had to leave his kids in those boxes to get them to grow in descending order. Never make fun of determination.

  3. marc in calgary Says:

    It’s real big of pops to cox a little girl out of his wife like that at the end of the line, mom’s going to need some help with the dishes and fixin’ some fixin’s for em all towards lunch and dinner times. On that note, mom’s not very pretty, I bet she’s one hell ova cook. I wish I’d gone there for Thanksgiving.

  4. Go_Fish Says:

    I always thought it was because of the horrid oral hygiene and dental care. Pa didn’t have all his teefes.

    Gaps in the order could usually be explained by

    1) The Pox
    2) Injuns
    3) A mining or textile mill accident
    4) All the above

  5. Andy Says:

    Oh man…this is gonna be either extremely boring, or “falling down laughing on your ass” funny. Go_Fish, you are killing me…reminds me of all the great stories about my Great Grandfather, R.G. Newland, who fathered 6 children…had the pox, was confronted by injuns, and had several “oil drillin’ accidents.”

    I’m gonna go look in the old family photos…there could be a family photo “gem” in there.

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