Families In Descending Order Week


It’s not often I spit up my morning breakfast tea, but a comment made by Go_Fish yesterday in regard to the Descending Family post had me cleaning up hot liquid from my oversized mahogany desk:

Gaps in the order could usually be explained by

1) The Pox
2) Injuns
3) A mining or textile mill accident
4) All the above

Actually, all the comments from yesterday were pretty funny, but Go_Fish’s was the only one that made me hack-up tea.

I was looking at this descending family picture earlier on, and I thought for sure these people must be from Latvia. Just the look of them, the way they dress, the hair, the dead eyes. But then it occured to me that I wasn’t even close, I felt like such a goof. These people aren’t Latvian, they’re Estonian. Latvian men don’t wear cotton/poly blend sport jackets, Estonian men do. Latvian men wear poly/cotton blend sport jackets. Duh!

Man, talk about night and day. I hang my head in shame.

2 Responses to “Families In Descending Order Week”

  1. Go_Fish Says:

    I notice that mom and the eldest daughter are the only ones not in stocking feet. They must have been outside milking yaks or whateever it is Estonian women are supposed to do.

    Wish my women would milk yaks. I can’t get em to do much of anything.

  2. Andy Says:

    Not to put too fine a point on this Mr. Mayor, but shouldn’t Ma throw the baby down on the floor over there next to the littlest angel?

    Or, maybe like strap it to a pole, in order to protect the “descending” integrity of the photo?

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