Families In Descending Order Week


These are the fewest amount of people I have yet posted in Descending Families Week. It matches the descending amount of comments this segment has received to date. Descending Family Week ends tomorrow, and tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

P.S – that’s the ugliest family i have ever seen in my life.

6 Responses to “Families In Descending Order Week”

  1. marc in calgary Says:

    that “woman” appears english to me. is she/it?

    I bet she’s real nice ect… like that matters.

  2. dmorris Says:

    My own lack of comment on this feature is due to my absolute AWE at the sheer genius behind it!

    They look Dutch to me.And I don’t blame them for having so few children. If I was married to THAT, I’d hire someone to do the dirty deed.

  3. nancy Says:

    Aw no, Mayor, quit doubting yourself. The concept is great. It’s actually double the fun. When I get get tired of looking at the families in descending order, I can turn around and look at them in ascending order.

  4. Go_Fish Says:

    Renaissance artists often painted themselves into their pictures. The “woman” featured here is none other than Dutch painter Hugo Van Tranny.

  5. The Mayor Says:

    Ah yes, a Hugo Van Tranny. I got my first Tranny when I was 18. I saved up for years for one. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed in my Tranny. It was rather haggered, abused looking, and had terrible scarring.

    But wait until I get a Ludwig Von Transgendered!

  6. Nurse Kate Says:

    This family is a very good argument for burkas – for men and women.

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