The last snowflake

This is probably the last season of winter you will ever see. Lake Winnipeg will soon boil away. As you cry yourself to sleep as you stare at your abandoned and dusty winter coat and gumboots, enjoy these vids to take your mind off your misery …

2 Responses to “The last snowflake”

  1. Meme MIine Says:

    The Insanity of Globull Warming:
    The pop culture psychosis of Climate Change will be observed in history as Freudian en-mass “denial of death” transference, where humans had elevated themselves to the immortal God-like status of Destroyers of Planets, thus making all of nature seemingly mortal, along side humankind.
    In other words: “If we are all ultimately dying, I’m takeing everyone and everything with me.

  2. TH III Says:

    Mayor what are we going to do.. this is terrible! Send me some money please.. I need your help NOW!!!!!

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