China’s Empty City

China’s GDP rose by 8.4% in 2009, very impressive especially considering the rest of the world was in the financial toilet praying to the porcelain God. But how on earth did the GDP rise so much in China, especially considering that exports to the west were down significantly?

In 2009, the Chicom gov’t embarked on a nearly $600 billion stimulus program, with nearly $220 billion of that stimulus to go to infrastructure programs. The rest of the money was spent on giving rebates to consumers (like cash for clunkers), and other wasteful programs.

Wasteful programs like building the city of New Ordos.

New Ordos was started five years ago, and the idea was to replace the old city of Ordos and move all its inhabitants to the new city. The thing is though, no one has moved there yet.

But why would a city that cost hundreds of billions to create remain relatively deserted? Because it’s a sham. The Chicoms knew that in order to keep the illusion of an 8% GDP, all it had to do was spend more. And so the Chicoms did spend more, and more and more and more.

It’s no surprise that the Chicoms are little more than a bunch of filthy liars. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t much worse than our own band of filthy liars, but I suppose the only difference is that I can call our elected officials a bunch of thieving scumbags and not have to worry about waking up tomorrow with a ball-gag in my mouth and electrodes hooked up to my nipples (unless i choose to have that happen).

The Chicoms are manipulating their GDP (like our own western governments have through the crock of shit they call *stimulus*), and now our economic elitists are saying that the Chicoms are the ones who will lead us out of financial ruin.

Sure, the same people that get paid $2 an hour are going to lead us out of economic ruin. The same people that haven’t mastered the art of manufacturing a spatula that can last longer than three days will save us from financial Armageddon. The same people that have caused environmental devastation to their own country are going to bring us to prosperity again.

If you believe that, you need to sign yourself into a methadone clinic immediately.

There are many Chicom bubbles at play right here and now. Real Estate, credit, to name a few. We’re not buying their crap as much any more, yet they’re spending like we are. That won’t last. The Chicoms are about to learn a nasty lesson.

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  1. marc in calgary Says:

    This programing, was brought to us courtesy of el jazeera.
    Although I suspect it’s true in this case, I’ll wait for confirmation of accuracy.

    I liked that the woman doing the initial presentation wore a skirt, I always like that in a woman, but she had an english accent too… I find that disconcerting. Off putting even. I think she’d be easy. And not in a good way.

  2. Rob Says:

    Meh, doubt it. China doesn’t give a crap about what any other country thinks or wants, and if Canadian economists are blowing smoke about how “China will this…” or “China will that…” then it’s them being stupid, not the Chicoms. Life here in China is pretty sweet, I pay about 4% income tax and the government leaves me alone. At least here when the government catches officials stealing they occasionally kill them, which is a policy I endorse.

    Ordos may be empty now, but it’s made of cement isn’t it? How long does that last? You think in the next 20 years somebody might move in? 30 years? It’s not like the West where you flip your house every twenty minutes to break even.

    I don’t know if the Chinese stimulus was entirely wasted, it seems to have gone to agricultural production and light manufacturing in my area. Haven’t food prices doubled in the last 4 years because of all those bio-fuels? Agri production would seem to be a good investment to me.

    $2 an hour would be RMB14, which would be RMB2520 a month. That’s a pretty comfortable middle class life here. It’s not going to trickle over to Canada, but really, who cares?

    And when Toronto celebrates the Festival of Rats and Flies in a few years again when the union scumbags extort more money from the populace, I’ll still be living a city three times as big that is squeeky clean.

    Say what you will, there’s problems here, but it’s better than a lot of other places…

  3. Rob Says:

    This is Rob’s Chinese friend, ZhengHui.
    I agree that the spending in infrastructure programs contributes a lot in the increase of the GDP of China. It’s interesting that I haven’t heard about the city of New Ordos you mentioned. However, I did see some empty buildings in cities of China. But I think this empty buildings are built by Real Estate companies not government. One of the main reasons that companies stop building them is because they lack investment money. The companies will continue to build them until they find money.
    I think the benefits Chinese get from the spending in infrastructure programs are outweigh the disadvantages. Last year, the economics was really really bad. A lot factories in China were shut, especially the ones in export businesses. A large numbers of workers who worked in these export factories are from the poor areas of China and most of them are not well-educated. They earn money using their physical power. Infrastructure programs actually enable them to work in construction places. Therefore, they can afford their life.
    What is more is Infrastructure programs makes the country more stable. Because if more people get jobs, there will be less crimes happened in the society.
    There are some Infrastructure programs in my hometown. They are good for the local there. For example, the government built a special park for the old last year. My grandpa sometimes take a walk there. Another example, the boss of my father is making sludge gas pool in a village now. It is known that sludge gas is a better quality, cleaner and saver to fuel energy. This project is very valuable for the farmers who live there. And this project is Infrastructure programs too.
    By the way, I think the assumption you made that Chinese can earn $2 per hour is higher than we Chinese actually get here.

  4. alexb Says:

    Hmm… looks like a new ” Red Dawn ” at Mitchieville.

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