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Zero Hedge – Redbook: January Retail Sales Down -1.5% Vs December; Up 1.0% YoY, Miss Estimates

Public Policy Polling – John Boozman will enter the Arkansas Senate race this weekend as the frontrunner. He leads incumbent Blanche Lincoln by an amazing 56-33 margin in our first poll of the race.

Zero Hedge – The Next Leg Of The Housing Crisis In Five Simple Charts

Yahoo Finance – ‘Underemployment’ near or above 20 pct in 9 states as part-timers, discouraged workers grow

Calculated Risk Blog – Obama administration unemployment forecast

Global Security – Kalashnikov Gun Factory Offers Food In Place Of Salaries

Seeking Alpha – Recovery, Crisis in Confidence and Curing Too Much Debt with More Debt

John Galt – End of Month Obamarket Review: The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is On Fire

My Budget 360 – Stock Market Casino Royale – S&P 500 is overvalued by 100 Percent – Earnings do not Justify Current S&P 500 Levels. Financial Markets setting up for Another Correction.

Truth Alliance NetworkClimate chief was told of false glacier claims before Copenhagen (these scammers should be hanging from trees – they have cost the world economies hundreds of billions so far).

Money and Markets – The Collapse of Sovereign Government Bonds

Bloomberg – President Barack Obama’s budget request proposed modest reductions next year in the government’s deficit. Even that may be too much for lawmakers in an election year, based on reaction to the plan (what an utter joke farm this idiot and his idiot minions have turned out to be. Not even the most modest cuts will be initiated, count on it0.

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