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Although I’m proud of all the participants from last weeks MENSA Teaser, I can only award three medals. Coming in third place, the recipient of the MENSA Teaser bronze medal is Andy. Answering one question correctly and another question 87.5% correct, our silver medal goes to the Classical Liberal. And with a perfect score, the darling of the MENSA Teaser, our gold medalist is none other that Mr Fnortner.

Congratulations to all of the medalists, you have done your country, your friends and family, and yourself very proud. On a completely different note, I think I’m hung over.

And for the 127th time in a row, today’s MENSA Teaser is brought to you by The Mayor of Mitchieville. Remember: Who cares more for you than The Mayor of Mitchieville? Noooooooooooobody!

Let’s begin:

1) While shopping, you meet your maternal aunt’s husband’s only sister-in-law. What do you call her? (**byatch is not an acceptable answer)

2) A store offers two types of chocolate bars: giant ones for $13 each and tiny one for 50 cents each. Josie buys 100 bars for $100. How many of each type of bar does she purchase?

Josie, that bubble butt, would be wise to lay off the chocolate bars and invest some of that cash into a Jenny Craig program.

It’s a beautiful day in Mitchieville, and although it’s only the middle of February, you can feel that spring is right around the corner. Perhaps not the next corner you come to, but around A corner. And that puts a jump in The Mayor’s step.

As par usual, everyone with a living brain cell and an operative typing finger is encouraged to play this week’s MENSA Teaser. Participation is encouraged. You could be a winner. And that may very well change your life. For the better, that is.

13 Responses to “MENSA Teaser”

  1. unclescott Says:

    Oh,Brother,early morning algebra:
    13x+.5y=something…anyway Bubble Butt Bars=4
    Trickerteet Bars=52

  2. Ryan Says:

    1) Mother
    2) 4 giant bars and 96 tiny bars

  3. Mitch (yes, that's my real name) Says:

    1. Mom
    2. 4 Giant bars and 96 tiny bars.

  4. Natasha Says:

    1) Mother, Mom, Ma, Mama, Mommy (for cases of arrested development).

    2) 6 – large @ $13, 44 – tiny @ 50 cents

  5. dubyah Says:

    4 large bars, 96 tiny bars

  6. Andy Says:

    1) Mommy (Yes, that is what I still call her. Shut up!)

    2)4 biguns at $13 = $52. 96 little’uns at .50 = $48 $100 bucks total.

    These were too easy. Just sayin’…

  7. paul mitchell Says:

    Dude, when I get a damned chance to answer these, someone has already answered.

    1. Ma, the rode hard WHORE.

    2. 4 big ‘uns and 96 short ‘uns. By the way, Jodie is an idiot.

  8. mpalef Says:

    2) 4 big bars 96 teeny tiny bars

  9. classicaliberal Says:

    1.)I happen to call her Ma, or ‘ATM.’
    2.) 4 Loquisha Bars and 90 and 6 of the He Pingping bars.

  10. Pizzamancer Says:

    Wow. Easy ones this week Mitch!


    4 Giants and 96 Tinys.

  11. Paul Says:

    7 x 13 = 91 + .5 x 18 = 100

  12. Paul Says:

    unless more tiny ones means more chocolate!
    give us weights!

  13. Paul Says:

    100 bars

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