She Has A Giant Tongue? I Didn’t Notice

Until you pointed that out, the only thing I noticed was her Ronald McDonald-like hair. But now that you mention it, yes, she does indeed have a rather large tongue. Kind of like a cows.

6 Responses to “She Has A Giant Tongue? I Didn’t Notice”

  1. mare Says:

    It’s nice when someone finds their “special purpose.”

  2. Nurse Kate Says:

    Dammit, chew that steak and swallow it stop playing with your food.

  3. classicaliberal Says:

    This latest plastic surgery Gene Simmons had just weirds me out…

  4. marc in calgary Says:

    Some doctors will cut that little piece of flesh under your own tongue so anyone can join this gal’s club. I’ve heard too, that if you pay the $500 to get your tongue slit so it’s like a serpent tongue, your misses will never return to a mono-tongue. I know it hurts, but what I’m saying is true.

  5. sisyphus Says:

    I wonder how many bottles of dye were needed to get that subtle red color.

  6. One Of Three Says:


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