Black History Month in Mitchieville – 10/02/18

Black brings to mind nightmare images of the most recently most dreaded sons of Mars. I know someone will argue with me, but these guys wear black, OK. So, it fits the theme.

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  1. marc in calgary Says:

    @ about 45 seconds… I like the way they start the show with starting pistols, just like other sporting events, is this Olympic week at michieville?
    @ about 2 minutes… I can’t understand a fucking thing these guys are saying, Fenris why do you always throw curves?
    @ about 5 minutes… The music is just garbage. No wonder they lost. In fact while listening to this I found myself thinking “I am so happy they lost this one”.
    @ well, closing scenes, while the flaming people running from the flaming straw piles was amusing to some extent, “Admirals” with that “break dancer” on deck, was a much better flick. I watched it twice and *almost* kept it in my extensive list of youtube favorites. The recent entertainment with Joan of Arc was good as well, although I didn’t see Lee Lee Sobieski and you know I did look closely, I watched it in its entirety anyways, paying particular attention to the spilling of hot oil scenes. That the french actually won this one, and that they would forever remember their only real wartime glory coming at the command of a woman/girl is just icing on the cake. Funny that I almost always think of cake icing while I think of women commanding men.

  2. tfhr Says:

    Was that Romanian?

    Got to love the idiots commanding the artillery to “fire” while standing IN FRONT of the guns. I’m guessing it was the first day on the job.

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