Green Shoots & Leaves


Reuters – Clinton says U.S. deficit now a security issue

The Market Oracle – Crashing Towards a New World Social Order 2012

SF Gate – Has the Golden State gone bust?

Before It’s News – Store or Starve: A beginners guide to food storage

Bloomberg - Sales of previously owned U.S. homes unexpectedly dropped 7.2 percent in January to a seven-month low, indicating a lack of job growth is undermining government incentives to bolster the housing market.

The Coming Economic Depression – There is No Means of Avoiding The Final Collapse

Zero Hedge -  Is Ben Bernanke The Second Coming Of Rudolf von Havenstein, The Central Banker Responsible For Germany’s Hyperinflationary Collapse (And Ostensibly WWII)?

John Galt – L0oking at some deadly charts

Before It’s News – Obama Finds Something to Cut Out of Big Government

WSJ – The car bomb that exploded in the Northern Ireland city of Newry Monday night highlights the resurgence in activity of Irish Republican splinter groups determined to wreck the province’s fragile peace process with an increasingly sophisticated use of explosives (wars and rumours ofwars).

BloombergFannie Taps Treasury for $15.3 Billion More After a 10th Loss

Telegraph – California is a greater risk than Greece, warns JP Morgan chief

The Market Oracle – U.S. GDP Contraction Double Dip Recession Coming In Second Quarter 2010?

5 Responses to “Green Shoots & Leaves”

  1. Wolfie Says:

    Food storage is fine but it won’t matter if your home isn’t defensable once the riots start. I would store more food but I would have to bug out before getting to most of it anyway.

  2. The Mayor Says:

    Grab the BoB and head north to The Manor, there’s room for you here.

    Food, water, guns. Defend the family, let God sort out the rest.

    The riots will be in the city, whoever escapes will be looking for gov’t handouts, they won’t likely stop at your place.

    Even so, food, water, guns.

  3. Wolfie Says:

    I’m getting closer and closer to a “Patriots” novel type of move. let’s drink to delay being due to optimism and not denial

  4. The Mayor Says:

    Yes, A Survival blog fan I see. One of the best sites in the webs. No doubt.


  5. tfhr Says:

    No more coughing! Now there’s IntelliProbe®! The latest in home prostate exam technology! Get yours today!

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