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Orange-Faced Geek Week is back and it’s worsebetter than ever. Truth be told, I have enough pictures of orange geeks to run about a months worth of posts, but I feel in my heart that just wouldn’t be fair to my kind, sensitive, and sensorial constituents. In other words, there’s only so much of this shit one can take. Ya, I get it.

I wonder if you removed that dirty mop from that chicks head, chiselled away the 20 lbs of orange geek from her face, and gave her a lesson on how to smile properly, would she turn out to be a good looking woman.

Hahaha, noooooooo.

Welcome to Orange-Faced Geek Week, Part Deux.

8 Responses to “Orange-Faced Geek Week”

  1. dmorris Says:

    But WHY does the guy have a “She’s mine and you can’t have her” type of look on his face?

    This is probably one of the orangest orange-faced geeks you’ve ever featured!

    Good work lad!

  2. Sisyphus Says:

  3. Andy Says:

    If I can find a good color photo of my Grandmother, I’m gonna scan it and send it to you, Mr. Mayor. (She passed away before the age of digital cameras, God rest her soul)

    She had a VERY orange face.

    She wasn’t a “geek” though. But the orangeness of her face was unmatched. I’ll see what I can do.

  4. mare Says:

    I loved past orange face weeks in the past! I’ve never seen this photo before, well done.

    She looks like a scary witch, but I’m sure that’s the look she was going for.

  5. The Mayor Says:

    lol – mission accomplished.

  6. mare Says:

    “I loved past orange face weeks in the past! ”

    What the hell kind of sentence is that?

  7. One of Three Says:

    She looks the Wicked Witch of the West.

  8. Snarky Basterd Says:

    Good, gawd, Mayor. She’s hideous. So hideous I had to swipe your image for my photo blog:

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