Musical Interlude Week

Remember yesterday when you saw the first posting of Musical Interlude Week and you thought to yourself that it’s going to be a great week and that The Mayor has really hit the jackpot of fine ideas? Yaaaaaaaaa, about that…that pretty much ends tonight.

I never really intended to start Musical Interlude Week out on such a positive note, it just worked out that way. Tonight’s interlude is a disaster, and tomorrow’s interlude isn’t much better. Thursday might be okay, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Getting back to tonight’s interlude, there’s a word that the *musicians* keep saying over and over thereby making this a somewhat nsfw video. Ocularly, it’s completely unsafe. There isn’t any nudity or anything, it’s just that the participants of said video are horrible looking.

Anyway, sorry in advance, and may any God but the Christian God have mercy on my soul.

4 Responses to “Musical Interlude Week”

  1. Andy Says:

    Boo! Hiss! Boo! Well, at least they featured words in German on the pop-ups. That made it MUCH better…

    Here is you a world class musical interlude!

  2. jl Says:

    Thank God, words fail me after having watched that. Any idea what the babble is about?

    Your blog is a fun read. I enjoy it daily.

  3. poletax Says:

    Hot girls make even the worse songs sound good.

  4. dinosaur Says:

    What a gyp they cut it short!!!!!!

    That puss puss pussy smell..

    I wonder if hers has been washed?

    some people will do anything to get out of personal hygiene.

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