Boundary Conditions

Let us look at a typical Canadian. His name is, well, we do not know his name, so let us just call him Jack. Jack has a property I wish to investigate. Jack is an anti-semite. Jack is a jew hater.

Now, when you study Jack the jew hater, that ‘jew hater’ property drags along other properties, but this muddies the waters. So I wish to clarify the boundary conditions about the exact properties of Jack that I wish to discuss.

For example, why is Jack a jew hater? The leftists, using that part of Darwin that suits their ends, would say that Jack is not a genetic jew hater, but has learnt his hatred from some source. This argument is used to demand funding for socialist social services all the time, in that disproportionate numbers of criminals in Group A (in comparison to the overall matrix) is settled science that Group A are victims, rather than criminals. Leftists can point at a variety of social ills, compare the numbers to the overall population, and conclude a need for funding. The obvious counter example, as to why such leftist institutions, such as the Toronto District School Board, or York U, continue to churn out criminals and continue to be considered bastions of racism. I am not going to bother with how or why Jack is a jew hater, let us just accept that he is. Given that such an exploration would threaten the funding of many leftists (especially on a Thursday, which is the last day of the average leftists work week), I do not have the energy to weigh in against their emotionally based, hands off my cash cow, reasoning. We can deal with that some other time, and I suspect that Citizen Robespierre can get to the final solution of that problem later. Jack has the property of being a jew hater, and we, for the purpose of argument, will just accept it and leave aside why and how he became that way.

A more interesting question is how much hate does Jack have. Hate comes in degrees of manifestation, does it not? Or is it a quantum level? Is a mere speck of jew hatred sufficient to make a total jew hater? Now, our fringe leftist masters sometimes say a speck makes a bale (ex gratia: the existence of higher priced N-person toned dolls proves all white people are racists), and sometimes not (ex gratia: the existence of lower priced N-person toned dolls does not prove that N-people are racists). Again, this is not clear. Logic would appear to show that leftists are hypocritical, greedy parasites, more aristocrats seeking a secure sinecure than the children of Trotsky. And, again, as I do not wish to irritate my progressive readers as they contemplate their three week paid vacation in Cuba, or the new wax job on their non-North American car, or disturb their reading the latest report written by their sex-partners in the next office calling for more wages for themselves. Instead, let us just accept that Jack the jew hater is a total jew hater. He hates all jews. Jack, in his mind, is in a state of total war against all things jewish.

Now, we learn from the prophet Zoroaster (who is not a Christian, so thereby acceptable to sensitive leftist digestion) that thoughts and words and deeds go hand in hand. Now, if you indulge me, Jack has the property of being a total jew hater, which means in thought. So, Jack, poisonous toxic waste that he is, has jew hatred thoughts. But what of words and deeds?

Words and Deeds. To the best I can discover, there have been not outward displays of total jew hatred on a scale with, say, pogroms or concentration camps. I would hope the Toronto Star would report on any Dachau style concentration camp operating in Muskoka, or raids by calvary upon villages outside of Brampton, or expulsions from Winnipeg. The academics at York U or the multi-layered administration at the progressive school boards would surely mention, somewhere, if there were deeds of this nature. But, again, we run into the leftist love of more is better (leading to more funding, more taxes). So, for the purpose of sticking to the point, we shall not investigate the deeds of Jack the jew hater. Even if Jack does nothing but burn with hate, committing no outward act, he is still a total jew hater.

Words. Even if Jack does nothing to act upon his hatred of jews, does he speak of his hatred? Now, funding hungry leftists are constantly searching for examples of this. Not only are they paid to seek it out, they also get a reward when they find it. How many leftists have had their lifetime life of privilege secured with a conveniently recorded word? How many stings have made a youthful Che or Pierre a holder of a pension and six-week paid vacation package? So, we can conclude that Jack has learnt to keep his mouth shut about his hatred. Jack the jew hater may think about the destruction of the jewish race, but uttering his desires and hopes is a no-win situation. He has been schooled in disgression from an early age. There are legions of leftists whose careers would be made upon finding and denouncing any sort of naked hatred, as evidenced by the number of faked incidents that leftists use for resume filler. So, we can conclude that Jack the jew hater has learnt to keep his mouth shut. And, being intelligent (this being a property of white privilege) he has learnt to cloak his venom in verbage that paints his hatred of jews as something more palatable to our pension hungry fringe leftist guardians of public discourse.

If you were Jack the jew hater,
you would not utter that you hate jews. No, you would say that you hate Israel. Not that all haters of Israel are haters of jews. No, that would be hate speech. No, for Jack the jew hater, hatred of Israel is a socially acceptable way to manifest hatred of jews. Tell me it is not so. Tell me that everyone involved in the anti-Israel movement is not a jew hater. Tell me that not a single critic of Israel is a jew hater. No, for jew haters like Jack, the anti-Israel movement is way for them to manifest their thoughts, to utter words to further their ends, and a way to work deeds to engineer their plans. Not all of their comrades in the struggle are fellow jew haters. Just some. As to the ratio of jew haters to not jew haters in the anti-Israel movement, I cannot say. Perhaps they are just there for resume filler, as the anti-Israel lobby is a great thing to have for your application for those great socialist social services jobs.

So, let us take off our caps to our valiant, highly paid fringe leftists, whose social engineering (a la mode the jew Trotsky) has trained a generation of jew haters to hate in secret, even if it is under false colors. While in the evil past guys like Jack would be known and contained (especially in the now extinct Christian cultures, where Israel was something to be supported, as per scripture), now, in our post-Christian present (and only Set, the Snake God knows what opiate of the masses the people are indulging in upon; and to what extent these pagan beliefs embrace which morals and rules), Jack can think, speak, and act upon his hatred of jews under the burqa of the anti-Israel lobby. Society is so much better, eh what? This present society is so much the creation of the left, so it must be better. And, of course, saying otherwise is hate speech. And, having looked at this boundary condition of Jack the jew hater, I will let Jack take it from here.

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  1. Rocky Says:

    BlazingCatFur pointed this out about Ms. Magic Carpet Ride.

    I’m so glad that Facebook has given everyone a chance to tell the world what they would never proudly admit in person.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Nice vid, Rocky

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