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At one time, in my youth, I would play board games. There used to be a product line called Strategy and Tactics * . The company went bust, and lousy customer service might have been a factor. Those free market forces are relentless, unless you are a socialist, but I digress.

Saul Alinsky, Tactician. I have taken to reading the comments on main stream media articles. Here I find all the letters to the editor that the activists never published during the decades of when rising social spending had no effect on rising social problems, even as activist employment levels rose, and activist pay scales accelerated. Gosh, reading those comments, people sure are angry. I can see why the fringe leftists suppressed the voice of the working class. Aside from the utility of cherry picking public opinion to create the illusion that fringe leftism is mainstream, it also protects our lefty aristocrats from facing the specter of an uprising of the working class. Now we can see that the working class is angry. No work, under employed, taxed, and mocked for their virtues by non-working, over-paid, taxspenders, the working class has found a new technology, the internet, which is as revolutionary as the printing press. But before the internet, there was Saul. And now, in the angry comments of the nascent revolutionary working class are frequent references to Saul Alinsky, the tactician of the fringe leftist subversion of the American revolution.

Saul Alinsky, Strategist. I have sought out for some time Saul’s works. My first activist work was Steal this book by Abbie Hoffman. Inspired by that activist, I have determined to steal a copy of Alinsky’s work. Blessings from the internet: alot of people have excerpts from this definitive tome. The Woodpile Report has the key concepts on the side bar. They make an interesting read, and you will recognize the tactics, usually as victim, either in person or in your wallet. Now I have respect for Saul, but Saul’s grasp of strategy and tactics is flawed: you do not share your methods with your enemy. So, when you get around to reading comments in the dying main stream media, you can note the odd working class commenter has woken up to Saul’s tactics. Good tactics, Saul. Bad strategy to let them know your tactics, Saul.

Lefties do not play PanzerBlitz.
I guess not. If they did, they would know that the tactics you use come back to haunt you. The working class (as in people who work) are both aroused (not as in polygendered) and aware now. And, if you hunt around other leftist sites, you can find other useful suggestions in your personal struggle to overthrow oppressive aristocracies and return control of capital to the working class, such as here * . But I have never found a lefty site that advocates leaderless resistance * , though. Louis Beam has issues with the holocaust, I warn you. Maybe that is why the lefties never refer to him. Then again, the Israel haters might find him attractive for this reason. Oh well. Form your own opinion, but do not tell anybody unless it is politically correct, because we live in a society that does not have free speech.

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  1. Bob Hawkins Says:

    Saul’s problem was that he had to teach his tactics to his followers. You cannot keep secret anything known to a lot of people. (The military has to teach its doctrine to all its officers, so they don’t bother to try to keep it secret. I have a copy of the Air Force field manual on doctrine that I grabbed from a “Take One” rack on Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts.)

    So, the pro move is to devise tactics that work even if everyone else knows them. It’s like the computer security principle that your security procedures have to work even against someone who knows what they are — “security by obscurity” doesn’t cut it.

    That’s where Saul failed. His methods don’t work if enough people know them.

  2. Chris Says:

    I like your blog. My first board game was Tobruk – I think, and still play Pblitz when I can.

    Col. James D. is still at work – his blog is

    The world will change, and maybe we can make some money off it.


  3. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Bang on, Bob.

    Saul’s tactics are now known; bad strategy to let them be known. Now, just like 1942, time to take back the Pacific.

    Chris: One time, when I was playing Pblitz with a buddy, my Dad walked by and suggested we play a more historically accurate scenario. Instead of two equal forces, we have, say, a reinforced tank company versus a surprised, unprepared infantry platoon. He said that, in his day, the military avoided ‘one on one’, and preferred ‘the massacre’ to the ’set piece battle’.

  4. ThomasD Says:

    IMO the better wargames always used the more ‘historically accurate’ mismatches. The key to a great game is not so much modelling the action, as setting an appropriate range of victory conditions, so that even the side destined to be massacred could, with skillful play, win (if only on points.)

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