Love, Exciting & New

That’s pretty much the way I found out I was going to be quarterback for my high school football team. I was having a rectal exam, and my gym teacher (don’t ask why he was giving me a rectal exam, I’m still not comfortable talking about it) pulled a football out of my butt and said, “congratulations, Mayor, you’re our new quarterback!” So I turned to him and said, “But I really want to be a pole-vaulter, but never mind, I’m pretty much through with surprises for one day.”

5 Responses to “Love, Exciting & New”

  1. dmorris Says:

    Dammit,Mayor, you COMPLETELY stole my line of thought/humour! Now I have nothing to say on this post.


  2. The Mayor Says:

    Your nothing speaks volumes. Where as, some peoples volumes speaks nothing.

    No charge for the Confuciousism.

  3. VW Says:

    So let me get this straight… An OB GYN first met his wife to be while giving her an exam, nice!

    Mayor, were the laces up when they pulled the football out of your sphincter?

  4. The Mayor Says:

    If not, I’m sure he would have gone wide right.

  5. poletax Says:

    Those are probably the stoopidest ways to propose that I’ve ever heard of.
    Here in West Virginia we always ask the Father first.Of course they are usually our Uncle or something.

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